Saturday, November 5, 2011


I am presently this moment having such a wonderful feeling of gratitude I absolutely had to begin typing and sharing and expressing. I may explode if I don't!! As I really begin to see and feel my transition period shifting....I am noticing more and more how being supported by family, dear friends, and new friends has a profound effect on my overall well-being. I know that I may not be able to visit or communicate with everyone all the time, but I feel energetically connected and cared for in a very expansive my whole being extends way way out to be nurtured in all that giving of love being sent my way. I mentioned this in the first week after I fell in June....and I am feeling it still to this day....It has not yet been my life receive such a grand capacity of love and appreciation. Now, I know that this wasn't because I wasn't being given love in my life....of course I was surrounded by all the same beautiful people...only I wasn't present...aware...or even willing to accept and receive this kind of support. For some reason..and I know I'm not alone in this...I really didn't feel I deserved that kind of treatment...that receiving was like being weak...and...I felt guilty! Wow...but I am beginning to shift right now...I am learning to receive...accept...and be present with myself and with others. I know I have more steps on this journey! Being injured has thrown me right into a healing crisis...into critical decisions and life has been so mind expanding as I curiously wonder and often stare at others....thinking..... how is it that the body works so wonderfully to make movements...I am truly in awe of even the smallest toe twitch as someone is just casually shifting their weight while having a conversation. I notice different shapes...curves...shoe sizes...and hip swinging...longing for the chance to twist my own one day.

I many of my peers...that there is so much hope for the future of spinal cord injury. And to be honest...what excites me even more is the chance to discover what each moment brings...regardless of the labels or predictions or even the horrible nerve pain. If I can live each day knowing simply that "I AM"....well...the silence says it all. There is peace even amidst the rough waves at the surface.

Our world is living in stressful times...our earth is reflective of this and we are all getting pretty P-Oed at the way things are run...and controlled. I take responsibility as being a part of this development...I myself have come from a past of ignorant and mindless behavior...negative beliefs...false statements...tons of fear of the world...unhealthy habits and abuse to my body....trying to control others and situations....oh yea, and being an Over-Giver. There's just no way that I can say I am a victim of the craziness that surrounds me and all of the world when I have blatantly been a contributer. That is why I feel it is soo important that we all find time to stand up for what we think is make changes where we know they need to be made...and to being choosing passion in our lives. Fulfilling our desires for our highest good and the benefit of all beings can only lead to more people Risin Up around us and with us. We are co-creative, strong, capable and absolutely empowered individuals when we stop controlling other people and begin to look within for the true guidance. To Our Heart....make our connections from this space. Here is an excerpt from an article on electromagnetic frequencies...

“The heart’s EMF (electro-magnetic field) is five thousand times more powerful than the electromagnetic field created by the brain and, in addition to its immense power, has subtle, non-local effects that travel within these forms of energy. … the heart generates over fifty thousand femtoteslas (a measure of EMF) compared to less than ten femtoteslas recorded from the brain.” (p. 55) The profound significance of these facts leads … to comment: “The Heart’s Code points the way to a new revolution in our thinking."

So anyways....this was a wonderful way for me to really channel that explosive energy I had going on twenty minutes ago. Glad to be sharing and I AM incredibly grateful for those of you listening without feeling the need to "fix anything." I'm learning that by just listening to are actually able to help their body relax...their brain releases the hormone oxytocin which relieves stress. The process of being completely vulnerable and open...of sharing with others can biologically balance your being!...haha how about that phrase? As my dad would say..."I'm down with that!" Seriously, let's balance the biology of our world!

From my grateful heart to yours....Namaste and Happy "Fall Back" ~ truly a night of recognizing and feeling the shift ~ or at least we get an extra hour of sleep back!! (huge deal for me!)


love her

"in Love it is a Union"

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