Monday, February 28, 2011

21 ~ New Beginnings

"Dream Catcher" ~ woven grasses from my backyard ~ created in the fire-light during a meteor shower =) good times..

It's been 21 days...

How do I feel? Confident, Powerful, Inspired, and ready for more. I feel this is just the beginning of new beginnings for me.

I've been doing yoga off and on for about 4 years but I've never been able to make it a ritual. It is an incredible accomplishment to commit and succeed at this... but Yoga has also taught me to be conscious of what truths are presenting themselves in the moment. Like if I fall out of tree pose, just get back into it! Or if I can't do a backbend, so what! Do what's right for me now! Sure. I did yoga and meditation everyday...but I only caught a glimpse what those peaceful blisslike yogis experience. Some days my shoulders were tight, my knee twisted, my head felt like a ton of bricks in downward dog from lack of sleep, and my mind was all over the place! And yet yoga has taught me about forgiving those moments when it feels like I'm swimming upstream. Life is about accepting whichever way the current is flowing, right now, and co-creating with that moment to maintain this higher level of consciousness.

The most important word to me is "Consciousness." When I say "higher," I don't mean better. I simply mean more waking up to a dream and being an active player in the way it ends. In the bundle of times I've been able to experience conscious dreaming, I am free to fly wherever I want and create the life I wish to live in that moment. Isn't this similar to the "law of attraction?" Visualize what you want, create an intention and affirmation that you already have it, experience the Feeeling of having it, and TRUST that it is going to happen....celebrate that the Universe always responds to you. I'm no expert on this...I just feel like there has to be a link between Consciousness and Manifestation. Becoming "Awake" to those negative self thoughts, those self sabotaging belief patterns, and those mirrors or signs that show themselves over and over....don't call it a "coincidence" it a Synchronicity ~ and bring more Consciousness into your life. I don't expect to "get it" right away, but I am so incredibly happy to know and feel that I am staying true to myself as I follow this breath of consciousness into new expressions of my "self."

I am truly inspired by those in this world who are already bringing consciousness to their actions....who find win-win solutions to local and global issues...who co-create within their community to live in Union with our Earth. These are my gods and goddesses who walk with me. Yoga has been a way for me to experience awareness in all aspects of my self. Rather than reading about meditation, or the latest "new agey" topic on how to be more conscious....I am able to experience it inside myself and create an intimate relationship with this energy and wisdom which I already have within. Now.

So - I choose to wake up. I am ready to make my contribution. I am ready to give and to receive. I am a 21st Century Goddess. I am powerful. I am feminine. I am a co-creator. I am my authentic self. I am Love. I am. I am. I am.

Blessings ~ Sat Nam ~ Namaste~ SO much love and peace....

.....stay tuned for more "21 day commitments" You know, they say it only takes 21 days? =)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 20 ~ My Lovely Family, By The Roots

I've expressed this so many times throughout this yoga-blog journey...but I can't really say it enough how much it means to me to be close with my brother, sister, niece and nephew. I feel a huge void has been filled with the love and support they have given me...crucial for my growth...and a necessity before going off to Santa Fe this fall. Thank you family! We just love this song...Neena and Kai bounce...and we pretend to play the instruments...don't you want to hug everyone in this video? I do. Much love dear ones! SAT NAM~

Bob Marley -Three Little Birds

My niece sings along to this in her own cute way, makes me so happy. oo ooo oooooo!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 19 ~ Music is Magic

Before you begin, I am an incredible bear with me! =)

My life has been a musical since I was a child...there is no possible way I could write it all down in a blog....but I am so incredibly grateful to music. I began singing and playing instruments like the "music maker," an awesome stringed instrument that looked like a children's version of the hammered dulcimer, when I was a toddler. I absolutely loved the children's musicians, John McCutchen (I found out recently, he played a lot of woody guthrie songs) and Raffi! I also have a dad who used to play Blues Brothers and Jimmy Cliff for I grew up a fan of many different styles. I remember seeing Jimmy Cliff in California when I was seven years old...the bar allowed my dad to bring my brother and I and I was one happy girl...dancing on the table and singing along. I picked up instruments quickly..and was eager to learn more...playing flute, recorder, pan flute, penny whistle, harmonica, piano, even some dulcimer in elementary music class. When chorus was an option in 5th grade, I was excited to join and was singing harmony as an alto...I stuck with chorus and band through middle school...then just stayed in chorus in high school. I remember idolizing the older kids who sang in the "really good" groups, like concert choir and chamber choir..but by the time I was a senior, I had moved up to chamber and surprised myself. My friend and I had begun playing guitar and writing songs with harmony...all about love and heatbreak of course....our dream was to travel and sing...and we performed a few times here and there, even recording 2 cd's. College years came and I had been slowly getting more and more into classic rock, jam bands, blues, bluegrass, and more. I kept playing guitar, took as many music classes as I could, and got a Music Minor.

Then Music Festivals came into my life! WHOAH...that is a whole other blog...but it was such a beautiful be camping, listening to music, and connecting with so many others like myself...just beautiful people everywhere. I eventually came to work at these festivals through a chain of events that led me to 3 years of selling Grateful Dead family clothing...mostly babies and toddlers. Being in this environment opened me up to a world of new perspectives on who I was, how I connected to others, the joy of spontaneity, the excitements of travel, and a strong sense of community, plus the music I was now exposed to was just amazing. This experience awakened the girl inside that was ready to be set free....she's fun, expressive, determined, strong, passionate, and extremely flaired out! Although this awakening led me to leave a very long relationship that I was holding onto for dear life...many gifts came from the split. It wasn't your typical breakup....we both wanted the other to have certain things, we wrote loving messages to each other...expressing our respect for one was just not typical. I was about to turn 24, and he wanted to give me a birthday present anyway...and that's how I got my ukulele.

I spent my next year learning songs and writing my own...jamming with my dad and others...and absolutely loving this gift. I got together with 2 girlfriends and we performed as a trio..."Ginger Tea" with many raving about our unique cover songs. It felt SO good to perform...especially with 2 talented women. As soon as I moved in with my brother and his family, my brother began recording my songs. Again, the dream of performing came back...except the audience I now envisioned was families. Lo and Behold....My niece's speech therapist suggested I look into being a Music Together teacher, and voila!....3 months after moving to new jersey, I was teaching music classes to babies and toddlers with their parents. And here I am, today I taught 2 Music Together classes...I get to sing, play instruments, lead rhythm patterns, tonal patterns, educate parents on musical terms, and practice spontaneity within community. Children require you to think quickly on how to re-direct the energy to either keep them interested, or empower them from an otherwise "BAd behavior." Music helps me guide my niece and nephew to clean up, eat food, change clothes, take a bath...walk down the yoga...everything is easier when you make it a song!

I am so excited to see where Music brings me dream is to eventually become and world musician...traveling and collaborating...learning new languages, rhythms, strumming patterns....


Namaste! May your world be filled with music ~ love

You can check out my music at these sites....

Friday, February 25, 2011

18 - Goddess

"Goddess Pose" ~ Created in Illustrator by Laurie Elizabeth, 2010

Tonight I pulled some goddess cards, and this is my reading...4 cards and the various meanings of each.

What is happening now~the light of my current situation: Eireen ~ greek goddess of peace ~ "give your cares and worries to heaven, pray, meditate, engage in peace-enhancing activities such as yoga, sea-salt baths, massage, naps, music, playfulness, and the like"

I can check off everything on this list as far as this week goes haha =) The obvious card...

What is happening now~the shadow of the situatio
n: Sedna ~ Inuit and Alaskan goddess of the sea ~ "don't worry about the future, know that you'll always have enough to eat, your needs will always be provided for, spend time at the ocean, swim with dolphins, move to the beach or an island community, go swimming, sailing, or surfing, give time or money to a cause that protects the ocean"

This one is interesting...she is all about the balance of giving and receiving. I feel like I have been subconsciously worrying about my future move and the possible struggle of living on my own. I am deeply in love with the ocean and often fantasize of living near a beach and wearing only sarongs...walking around barefoot...sounds like a honeymoon right?

What can I actively do right now?: Maeve ~ Celtic goddess who celebrates her femininity ~ "female cycle changes are an issue for you, make time to rest, initiate steps to alleviate lethargy or depression, take better care of your body, seek support for dealing with emotional crises, allow yourself to grieve or take time off, know this lull won't last forever, a doorway of opportunity has opened up, and you need to walk through it now."

This card describes a lot of things I have already dealt with in the last year, however in my current situation I feel that taking some time off (out of the house!) and trusting that my most emotional month of the year is soon ending...Feb gets me...more sunshine please!...I am also working a lot on connecting with my emotional body. As for opportunities...I'm open and ready!

What needs to be experienced?
Nemetona ~ Celtic goddess whose name means "sacred grove" because she protects the ancient Celtic ceremonial sites, outdoors in sacred groves of trees. ~ "Build an altar in your home, take a spiritually oriented trip, you need a quiet place of refuge and retreat for yourself, create a medicine circle or labyrinth..walk the labyrinth, clear the energy in your home with sage, prayer, toning, or other space clearing methods."

So this one is obvious...I need to experience the alter that is already within me...but what I also find interesting is that today, when I lay down to take a nap, I had this incredible vision of a sculpture. I've been glimpsing it on nights when I am laying with Kai or Neena to put them to bed...and as soon as I am totally with it, I realize they are asleep. So the vision is a sculpture of a tree....but its not made out of clay...its a different more organic...muddy...gritty....yet sturdy material...and its one of those sexy goddessy beautiful trees...=).....and today I saw the tree I had been sculpting in previous visions....but this time I had woven reeds into a spiraling staircase starting at the base of the trunk and gradually thinning out with the tips of the branches....there are also bubble shaped "nests" or "homes" woven into the branches....with reeds first, then covered in a translucent white paper...kinda like a glowing fairy anyway, I saw this and was like ahhhh...just so relaxed and almost asleep...and I heard the words..."The steps of an Avatar" in my mind. I feel this is a place I can deep my own inner sanctuary which happens to be a sacred grove...and I am excited to create this whatever way it wants to be created. When I was at Kripalu for my goddess weekend, I remember her telling us that trees were avatars....that an avatar was an enlightened being...the definition I have on my mac dictionary is this..."a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher." Super least to me. =)

Brings me back to this day in July....lovin on the goddess...

Blessings and Love ~ peace....oh shanti shanti shanti...oh shanti shanti shanti

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 17 ~ Wish list

Tonight I'm simply going to put my list out there...the things I wish for myself...right here right now...(yet another ramble)

I wish for my healing so that I may heal others (these pictures are so inspiring). I wish to co-create with others in my community. I wish to have more intimate and evolved relationships in my life. I wish for a graceful transition into grad school. I wish to live with like minded people. I wish to continue learning, and to continue teaching. I wish for clarity and purpose. I wish for a job that nurtures my gifts and abilities....or at least surrounds me with beautiful things (there are so many gem and mineral shops in santa fe, I'd love that part timer....). I wish for love to find me always.

yea....I'm one big feather...but no matter what manifests in my life, I'm determined to move forward with those dear friends of mine...acceptance and forgiveness. Most of all, I am open to receive...and I let go of trying to control my future...I simply allow it to bestow itself upon me. I trust the natural rhythm of life, the ebb and flow of it...I welcome the challenges and I refuse to get stuck in the mud. I used to think, well...if it's meant to be, then it will happen, or the universe will bring it to me...but I was not a part of the action. I was extremely passive...all around, a pretty passive person. I was also extremely stubborn when change came knocking on my door...refusing to turn back on my word or promises I had made despite the huge signs telling me to MOVE ON (or move out!). I've been consciously working on my assertiveness and I know life will continue to test me. I'd like to say I'm ready for the tests but in all honesty, I'm still scared... however the fear is motivating me to continue this self work that I feel is so important in these times. Thus I say with passion, onward! I'm ready to evolve. How about you?

Love and Blessings always ~ Namaste

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 16 ~ Cleanse

I just finished having an exhausting and very interesting conversation with Cristina...It started with a liver cleanse...we were both reading about drinking olive oil and epsom salts, and enemas..ick..which led to talking about if our bodies really need all that or if it would be just as good to fast and drink water for a day....followed of course by some Massive amounts of Kale..yum. Before moving here, I was on a detox mission...I was drinking lemon water every morning, eating grapefruit, organic apples..blah blah...and did a couple 3 day detoxes that were not awful..eating organic, dandelion tea...some other stuff. Anyway, I still got excited any time I learned something was detoxing...artichokes, avocados...etc...and this soon became an obsession. Cristina asked me what that was really all about on an emotional level...and my answer was...I feel like I have swallowed lots of yucky situations and I never really digested's like, maybe if I power-hose them, they'll go away. hahaha....woah, ok I clearly have some stuff to talk about here. So we went to my most recent relationship...which looked something like this...

intense admiration... flirt....look at me I am so great, you're so beautiful, we MUst have a spiritual connection, no commitment...but "I love you", ok, so are we committed now?, No....oh!...ok...well what is this all about?, what am I supposed to do now?...I guess I'll move on...the end.

In hindsight, I can see where I was giving away my power...not clearly defining my boundaries....and not being truthful about what I wanted. Over time, I had rationalized all of my anger and guilt and sadness to be all my fault. It's no wonder I have so much "cleansing" to do. Cristina pointed out something so truthful about the way I treat those "negative" emotions...when it comes to the kids, I simply express...when it comes to my family...I can identify an emotion towards anger at my mom or dad...but when it comes to "boyfriends" or "friends".. I rationalize my way into believing they are really a good person. Woahhh. haha...DUh..yea that's what I do! anyway. this whole "emotional maturity" mission is going to be yet another baby step journey....starting with the 5 year old that lives beneath all of those "toxins" inside me...the one who is screaming.... "Don't leave me!" "Why don't you love me?" "Look at me!" "Listen to me!"....blah blah! It's time for me to have a little heart to heart with my wounded child that is responsible for my emotional Immaturity. I'm sure there will be more on this to come...

=) As for yoga...I'm really really enjoying the way I feel on the mat when I am just allowing my body to flow...I also led a short yoga session with my neighbor, who is 13...she is really enjoying corpse pose (of course)..when I make up or read visualizations. Today I improvised one about an enchanted forest and a butterfly fairy creature that offered a pendant of transformation for us to carry so that we are always ready for change. Today's goddess card was Artemis.."ourselves and our loved ones are safe and protected." Today's affirmation while in a chest opening pose was "I am open to receive all of the good and abundance the universe has to offer" It was so nice to repeat this mantra with her...I am feeling abundant already!

So, all in all, another day in the life...Neena is still sick, Kai is most likely going to be sick tomorrow despite the efforts, and I am SOooo ready for a bath.. yet another cleansing ritual..salts and sage...for the lovely goddess...ahhhh yes =)

Sweet Dreams! Namaste! Love Love loveeeeeee

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Day in the life ~ 15

wow, 15 days is so amazing how the simple act of saying "I'm committed" can change your daily life. Before starting the "21 days of devotion" I Reaaaally wanted to do yoga more and take more time to myself, but I saw no way in doing that...I don't live in a quiet, meditative one has their own room...we are a full-time TRIBE.....and there just didn't seem to be enough time in the day. Well, in a true tribe, everyone works together, filling in at just the right moment with a helping hand. Plus, the universe always supports you when you make a commitment.....=)
And so, a day in the life...

I am gently awakened at 5 Am from the (master) bedroom where Jon and Neena sleep in the king bed and I in a twin next to them, to go sleep in the other room with Kai (who sleeps in the crib just yet). I get comfortable, fall asleep, wake up when he does, give him a bottle, go back to sleep....then we're up around 8. Today my niece was super sick...I mean it was this non-stop cough with the occasional t-h-r-o (throw up) as we say...we are bound to be pretty grumpy in these conditions... I get Kai his breakfast while neena watches her favorite show, the cat in the hat. Then I spend about an hour trying to make her smile by attempting to juggle...they both are cracking up at me and I was so intensely into it, I was getting a work out running all around the room. Kai went down for a nap around 11:30, Jon and I took turns getting clean...Neena and I listened to her favorite mix cd (made by me of course haha)...we danced around, she makes me smile because she loves the beatles "yellow submarine and all you need is love" sooo much.....we marched and even ran back and forth until she started non stop coughing again. Kai woke up, had beans and quinoa, another bottle, then I took him for a walk...then I took Neena for a walk..thank you sun!!! my brother and I continue to switch back and forth attempting to keep Kai obsessively wiping everything down...Jon giving Neena's a delicate dance. I throw on a Michael Jackson cd....Neena loves...we boogie down, she's is precious and wonderful since she is looking so miserably sick. More coughing, then Cristina gets her yoga in while I hang out with Kai on my lap and Neena in her chair watching all our favorite music videos on youtube....Cristina comes in to take over while I get an hour of yoga...I listen to a teleseminar while doing my own flow...then it's time for dinner...butternut squash lentil soup...yummmmm, I speak briefly with my sister about "emotional maturity"....I ask her to help me =)....then I get Kai ready for bed...lay with him until he falls asleep, tuck him the dishes, and thennn blog. whewwwww

Family life is non-stop...there is always something to it is very easy to play victim when it comes to taking the time for yourself. I am incredibly grateful to live with 2 people who know how to make things happen, and are supportive of others and their decisions. My sister has been such a great teacher in showing me how to create boundaries, set personal goals, create a working plan to achieve those goals, and really commit to what I say or believe. I was recently told by an arts therapist in a reading that authenticity is very important to me...that I am inspired by has really made me think about that truth...authenticity IS important to me...extremely important. Well, I know I am not living my authentic self in all aspects...certainly in my home life, but not sure I am quite there yet when I am out presenting myself in the general public or job life.
I am just coming into my truths...but this is a wonderful word to affirm for myself..."I am my authentic self" There is this sense of power behind it that provides the security, the confidence, and the "emotional maturity" I so long for when I feel myself giving that power away.

Love Love love.....Blessings ~ Sat Nam

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 14 ~ Pain Body

Today I was blessed to receive a myofascial treatment from a family friend...she has been a big part of my healing in the past year. For those who have never heard of's a quick definition and picture:

this is what I find most fascinating about this type of bodywork...
"Fascia is a specialized system of the body that has an appearance similar to a spider's web or a sweater. Fascia is very densely woven, covering and interpenetrating every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein, as well as, all of our internal organs including the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord. The most interesting aspect of the fascial system is that it is not just a system of separate coverings. It is actually one continuous structure that exists from head to toe without interruption. In this way you can begin to see that each part of the entire body is connected to every other part by the fascia, like the yarn in a sweater.
Trauma, inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures create Myofascial restrictions that can produce tensile pressures of approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive it is thought that an extremely high percentage of people suffering with pain and/or lack of motion may be having fascial problems, but most go undiagnosed."

Before moving to New Jersey, I had been complaining about a variety of body issues, emotional problems, and pain that I was not connected to...I prayed for healing and asked for it every night. I was lost from purpose, sad because I had so much so realease, and extremely anxious to move forward. I knew that if I wanted to heal others I first had to heal myself and at the time, I was not sure where to begin....and was certainly not willing to wait around for that much longer...=) When I moved to New Jersey, I had to leave my comfort...of parents, close friends, my bedroom, my home....and soon came to shed my old car, old clothes, old habits (some!), financial problems, even the way I ate had to shift. Today, as I lay on the table during the session, I could there be that much pain in my rib bones, my hip bones, my stomach muscles? I am feeling better than I have in a long time, I am aware of the process, and I committed to moving my body every day...and yet my pain body is still with me....lingering and reminding me that I have not gone deep enough...there are more shadows to be revealed and faced. The frustration is a struggle...and the emotions that are locked in those parts of my body have been suppressed and bottled up for so many years, that I have trouble connecting to whatever it is I am releasing when I finally let go of the pain. I am so grateful for the many healings I have received this year...from acupuncture, body work, energy healing, and intentions have manifested, slowly revealing the healthy and strong woman within me. I choose to move forward, accepting myself where I am now, respecting the process, and trusting the natural flow of life...Namaste.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 13 ~ Let it go

I'm working on letting many aspects of my "old self" go....the beliefs, the physical pain, the obsessive memories, etc. I'm not energized enough to write more on this but I did manage to create a mandala tonight in illustrator while listening to a conference on the very subject of letting go....and so here you go! Love Love Love....Namaste and Blessings

Letting Go ~ Created in Illustrator, Feb. 20, 2011 by Laurie Elizabeth

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Patience ~ day 12

ok....a Very important baby step on this yoga journey is Patience. did I miss that one? I guess I have spent so much time and energy trying to appear as a super patient person, when in reality, patience is something that is always tested. Before living with children, maybe I was able to exude an essence of total contentedness in my life. Children are the BEST teachers....they have shown me more of who I really am in all facets of my emotional anger, my anxiety, my fear, my defensiveness, my playfulness, my comical compassion, and deep love for them....but woah ~ that patience is tested on a daily basis...and if I am closing in on that moon cycle of mine? ....forget about it, just pass the dark chocolate. Sure it's easy to meditate on patience and just sit in it's beautiful essence....but how about accessing that same feeling when both your niece and nephew are banging on the mirror, screaming at the top of their lungs, or whatever else they might do to stir up some crazy reaction. I realize that patience exists best when I can be in a non-reactive state...when I can simply accept and proceed with action instead of reaction. It's one thing to know intellectually how important all of this is...but it is quite another to live it. There are days when I surprise myself in how patient and loving my response is to something "upsetting" a Music Together teacher I have learned sooo many techniques to "love" children into a more empowering behavior (or simply distracting them from the freakin mirror)...using focusing songs and rhythm patterns...these all work soooo well too. If Kai is screaming when I am trying to feed him or Neena is squirming in her chair when I am giving her her food, I always sing a song...and 99% of the time it works and we all come out on top. These are my "patient" days...the days when I empower myself and them through acknowledging the situation and redirecting the energy in a fun and playful way. It's hard not to get upset with myself on the other days when I react to strongly that I spend half my time putting someone in time out or just being outright bossy. I hear the beckoning calls of my dear friends "acceptance" and "forgiveness" again....2 very key baby steps that I suppose must be crucial in leading up to this one...Patience....God give me be fully present with myself, to honor myself and the process of yoga.... Union is not one of those quick fix requires baby steps. I am patient with my process....(repeat, repeat....=))
Laaaa Deeee Daaaaah

Namaste! Blessings of love.....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 11 ~ Kai's Birthday

Today is my nephew, Kai's 1st birthday. It has been a true gift in my life to have the opportunity to participate intimately in his life. In October of 2009 my brother and sister in law told me they were having another baby. I was just coming to a significant turning point in my life...I was searching, yearning for my own personal be feel that I was moving closer to whatever it is that I am supposed to give the world in this lifetime. In November, they asked me to help out with my niece Neena during the month of December while my brother finished his finals. In those 3 weeks, I was so quickly convinced that I needed this family in my life....I truly connected with Neena for this first time since she was born...and she revealed to me that I had way more to offer than I knew. SO, a long story short, I became the nanny and soooon, come February, I would have my first experience taking care of a baby. I was soooo scared! I grew up thinking I wasn't a "kid" person.... also being very nervous about holding babies. This is starting to repeat itself in my life ....I fear something...I avoid....but once I face the fear...I move closer to my true essence. So, Kai was born this day one year ago. Today, I hold him with such ease...I don't freak out about a dirty diaper, I enjoy sharing a meal with him, and simply observing his genius. I am grateful to be so close to my niece and love them like they are my own children while also realizing that having a family is the biggest commitment I'll ever make...and I am personally not there yet. For months I had been dreaming about Kai....about niece....and they were all manifested in my life. I know that this step on my path was so important to my getting to know myself more intimately, acquiring the skills I will need in my life's work....and most importantly....establishing a loving, committed and intimate relationship with my family. Thanks to Kai, I have become close to my niece, reconnected with my brother, and bonded deeply with my sister (my teacher, therapist, mother, and best friend too!)

Ever so grateful for my Jersey 5 family....a tribe that has been together for many many lifetimes (for real...yes).....Namaste! Blessings

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 10 - Sesame Street:'s Song "What I Am"

I am so happy! It's all I can say, I can thank the sunshine for bringing some warmth to the winter and allowing my nephew Kai and I to take a beautiful stroll and add some much needed motivation to my day. And now...a video that kind of says it all tonight...."What I am" by Will.I.Am

Every evening, My niece asks for her grampa and lala (grandma), so we skype with them and it means the world to her. Neena is also a Huge fan of we began finding songs on you tube ....and this just one of many favorites among the group...I love to watch my niece and nephew bounce to this =) I wanted to share because it feels so good to sing strong and healthy words about yourself, no matter what age you are! Today, this is my prayer =) Blessings, namaste!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 9 ~ It flows...

"Chakra Wheel" ~ Colored Pencil Spring 2005 ~ Laurie Elizabeth

Today I chose to follow the natural flow of my body as I moved through sun salutations and standing poses...allowing my body to take over so that my mind could rest and my spirit could rejuvenate. This is a very fulfilling way to deepen my yoga trust that I have the knowing within. Ahhhhhh......

There are certainly times in my life when I feel I am moving in an effortless, blissful, flow....everything is lining up in a divine way...synchronicity after sychronicity...and I am in a constant state of Love. Then there are the times when I am fighting the river...swimming upstream because I want something so badly that I refuse to notice that the waves just keep pushing me back to where I started. What is funny to me is that I had an arts therapist recently tell me my animal totems for my "yin" and "yang" energies. My "yin"....(my feminine energy) animal is the otter....then there is my "yang" (masculine energy) animal totem...the salmon! Here are the keywords for both....

Salmon: Creative, Passionate, Loyal, Courageous, Prideful..
."Just as the Salmon is driven home to spawn, the individual who has Salmon as his/her Birth Totem, is most fulfilled when exploring the depths of his/her own soul (home) so that a true work of art may be given birth in the form of poetry, paintings, or the less tangible creation of ideas."

Otter: Inventive, Friendly, Curious, Independent, Tactless..."
Otter individuals have a deep-seated curiosity that leaves them hungry for all of the "oysters" of information that exist in a Universal Sea of knowledge. Yet the challenge for them is to not become so weighted down by the variety that is available to them that they are constantly picking up, then dropping each idea in favor for a new and more tantalizing one.

These totems are very much aligned with my gifts and challenges...In my active, masculine "salmon" self, I am most fulfilled when I am pursuing my spiritual path through my artwork...and though the journey feels like a struggle at times as I work through and heal my emotional, mental, and physical blocks that keep me from reaching my "destination" is an inward journey to the home that dwells deep inside of me. When I am in my feminine "otter" self, I am just following the fun...I'm going where I want to go...I'm exploring and adventuring...I'm giggling and being silly...I'm super social...I'm excited to learn a new skill...and YES..I tend to just nibble until I get it so that I can move on to the next best thing. It's one of my be able to learn and adapt so quickly..but I have yet to feel that I have mastered one art. I go back and forth as to whether I will ever be great at one thing...I can tap dance, hula hoop, play ukuele, guitar, flute, drum, paint, draw, sculpt....and I could be content in any of these areas....but where will I end up? A psychic told me that my abstract sculpture work would be a big part of my contribution to the world...that a complete and happy me will always do many things...I may be performing, working with children, and sculpting...or maybe something will be put off to the side for a while. This was comforting for me to hear...I had been pulling my self apart...into little pieces...I would ask myself..what do I like the most? dance? art? music?....well look out world...Laurie Elizabeth might end up being one flaired out, colorful, powerful woman....her heart set on bringing love and healing in any way possible.....whether its art therapy, flowers, songs, or hula hoops...I'm a comin!

Namaste ~ SAT NAMMMMMMM........xo

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

8 - Manifestation

I have discovered some interesting things about the way manifestation works in my life.....through dreams, through affirmations...but most powerfully for me as an artist...through my sculptures.

My sculptures from college have all manifested in my life. I also work with graphic design, and my most recent works are already creating a shift. Here are a few examples

Blue Heron ~ modeled clay cast in plaster ~ Fall 2005
For my first sculpture class, I chose the blue heron...sculpted in clay then cast in plaster. I was kind of confused myself as to why....but the whole process gave me a great feeling of peace. This was a time in my life when I was just starting to glimpse what I was most passionate about....back in 2004...I didn't add the base decorations until 2010...when I and the sculpture really came alive with more clarity of self expression. I now feel more of a connection with why this was the animal I looking at what a Blue Heron animal totem symbolizes, "the Ability to Stand Alone" "Uniqueness" "Independence" "Peace" "Call to balance" "Self Esteem" "Boundaries" "Dignity" "Exploration" "Fluidity".....this is what I knew lay ahead of me when I first created this sculpture...but only now am I beginning to live those words.

Kokopelli ~ Copper sculpture 2005/2006

The Kokopelli has always been a symbol I was drawn to....again..without ever really knowing why...As a little girl I visited the Grand Canyon and took home a keychain with the cute flute player I so admired...he had fun hair, he played the flute, he danced...I liked I drew him a lot and collected other items with him on them.....and eventually made this sculpture. Then I began to read about what the Kokopelli really symbolized. I always sort of knew he was the god of mischief...but I came to find out as I was creating this sculpture, that the legend also describes him as a god of fertility...who carried a bag of seeds on his back...and planted them into the ground...his feet then dancing them into the soil...his flute beckoning the spring season to bring warmth. He a healer and storyteller.....Well, go figure that the grad school I have chosen is in the southwest for the healing profession of creative arts therapy...where the Kokopelli is most cherished and found in ancient petroglyphs. I never would have guessed at the time of creating this sculpture that I would have any interest in attending grad school...and def. never thought about New Mexico....Connection and manifestion has been made.

Flower Child ~ woven reed and paper sculpture Spring 2006

I loved my paper making the end we were given the assignment to create a sculpture using any technique...we had learned how to cover wire mesh, create pieces of paper...make molds...and weave reeds to cover....I LOVED I had already made a cast of my face so I created a rubber mold to place paper into...On the day we learned to weave the reeds, I created what I called a "lute"....this is the little 4 stringed instrument at the bottom...then when the assignment came...I drew a picture of what you see above...I was inspired by my orchid plant and I wanted to be at the center of it all...=) This is what was created...and I had no clue what to tell people about it...they would ask me what it meant and all I could say was "Flower Child"....wellll.....that was 2009 I received a special birthday present...a ukulele...I am now a ukulele fanatic and have recorded 7 songs...with more to come. I have truly blossomed from this instrument...and I now teach children's music classes...allowing every child to strum the uke and enjoy seeing their little eyes light up every time. Music has helped me realize my feminine calling..."me"...and that is how this sculpture has manifested...

Finding Your Center ~ direct plaster, fabric, and wood Spring 2007

Coming up with an idea for my senior year final sculpture was a mess....I had just taken paper making..I wanted to do a figure of myself in clay with hanging paper was very complex...but it began with pictures of Hawaiian women...doing the hula..with their ukuleles....mind you this time I was not a ukulele player. teacher guided me to try a figure in direct plaster...this was intensely hard. Create a metal skeleton, then dip and wrap burlap and plaster to build it up, then apply creamy plaster to the burlap and sculpt for about 10 minutes before the plaster dries...then scrape away and polish up...then fix the cracks...what a test of patience! My teacher then guided me to come up with something simple that would create the idea of movement instead of little hanging sculptures.....I remember saying...."Like hoops?"....Then we came up with the idea of wrapping them in fabric. During this semester I was also signed up for Tai Chi...which is what this pose really came to look like....a girl hangin on the beach in her sarong...doing tai chi...with hula hoops. Pretty ideal life if you ask me....WELL, a year later....I was on the road vending at music festivals when I discovered those awesome oversize hula hoops. I was nervous at first...I had never thought about hooping before...but soon I was not only a hula hooper..but I was making and selling them with my friend. When I was creating the hoops for this sculpture..I wasn't thinking about hula hoops...I was just thinking about the movement around the sculpture...and that it was centering. I really enjoyed the process of wrapping those wooden circles with fabric..and had even envisioned doing more sculptures. Go figure that's what ended up happening...only not as wooden live art out on the road making many people smile. Hula hooping has definitely become a big part of who I am...and has healed me and others in many ways.

Namaste. Sat Nam. Blessings.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 7 ~ heARTs

"Soul Love" - Heart Mandala created in Illustrator by Laurie Elizabeth.....February 14, 2011

~ This began as one heart...but real love is infinite....and universal love connects all souls together as one. From my heart to yours....I love you ~

Valentine's Day. A day to dedicate our thoughts to love....

Let's see how I did....I went running in the sunshine with my a drive with my window rolled down, and reggae music pumpin, to a complementary myofascial treatment (bodywork)....more love.....took a quiz for my online class, just passed...whatever...taught a private yoga session with my 13 year old her......ate an amazing meal with my reallly giggly as I cut myself a piece of chocolate cake and half a cupcake.....Love....listened in on my computer to the first broadcast on a free "find your soulmate in 2011" listening, I created a mandala from a heart I drew in illustrator....Love.

Safe to say that I felt so much love around me today...and I was exceptionally bubbly. To me, Love can be defined in so many ways...and it comes in many forms. I may have fallen in and out of love...but I will never stop loving any of the people who have come in and out of my life. I don't want to ramble on like I usually I will just share a poem I wrote during the holidays that will probably become a song someday....on love. =)

Real Love is undying, unconditional, and pure
Real Love nurtures everything, intending to endure
through obstacles and sickness
through challenges to cure
the things that feel impossible
the times that feel unsure
the people who we turn away
or that we wish we were
so bring Real Love to everything
unite the Him and Her.

-Laurie Elizabeth, November 2010

My blessings to you and yours....MUCH LOVE! <3 namaste - sat nam - peace

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 6 ~ Baby Steps

Another day of children, homework, and YOGA. I tried yet another new sequence..."peak poses".....should be called "extreme thigh and balance workout" cuz this one had me sweating and constantly reminding myself to breath... don't push too hard! I think I'll do something slow tomorrow, my muscles are awake enough already! I'm talking about baby steps. DID you know....that many yoga poses were created from the natural way that babies move? The picture above of a child, barely walking, has put herself into "downward dog" in order to work her way up to standing. "Child's pose' is often a favorite sleeping position...their cute little butts in the air, arms outside their little legs, and head to the side...yup~ yoga poses work well with a child's body because they have yet to create all those nasty blocks due to stress and physical wear and tear that we adults inflict on ourselves.

I currently teach music together classes with babies and toddlers and watch my 12 month old nephew and 5 year old niece. I marvel over their joy of the "moment"....their perseverance with new tasks...their carefree way of living...they don't care if they are dirty, they don't care what is on the agenda for dinner...they only care about what is happening in the moment. They are constantly exposed to new toys, new people, new places... they have no other choice but to accept these new things. My nephew Kai will sit with a toy or a door or whatever it is that happens to be there and move it around until he figures out how it works....and my niece Neena may at first be afraid of that 'talking toy", but give her a month and she is now best friends with the thing.

I think about these gifts that children give in their curiosity as they evolve and adapt to their surroundings and how, at some point in my life, I began avoiding things and people that I thought might be "too hard," "too scary," "not my type," etc. I think about how easy it is to try something for a week and then give up because you haven't mastered it yet...this is how we live...the quick fixes! Well, here I am 6 days in and I'm not looking like those girls in the videos yet, but I am certainly not going to give up. I choose to live my life through the eyes of a determined child, hungry for life.

And so, here are my BABY STEPS so far in this yoga journey!

Baby Step number 1: Make a commitment to yourself - 21 Days of Devotion!

Baby Step number 2:
Begin!!!!! "When the time is upon you, start! and the pressure will be
off" - Yogi Bahjan

Baby Step number 3:
Acceptance - very important key to allowing yourself to modify poses, "I love myself where I am right now" (repeat, repeat....esp. when you can't do that bridge pose cus your shoulders aren't open and blah blah blah!)

Baby Step number 4:
Forgive - the resentment, the self judgment, the pity, the victim consciousness, the past relationships, ETC! and this is as far as I have gotten....

Last night I decided to do my meditation on forgiveness. After talking about my "control issues" yesterday I thought of all the people in my life that I have tried to change....mostly because I felt that they weren't living their highest potential, and how I would hold onto that vision instead of accepting them and forgiving both myself and them for not being who "I wanted them to be." If you know me, I'm sure you have heard me give a lecture about how your behavior or words aren't in alignment with a "positive outcome" or "what you really want to manifest in your life." YEaa....I know, I am one big feather... Well, through acceptance and forgiveness I am beginning to shift into what is actually being given to me...what gift and what lesson I am learning.

I believe that we are all mirrors of each other...and I am ready to take another look at myself...although this time I will pull my head out of the clouds and plant my feet in the ground. I believe that every wound has a lesson, a gift....even if it takes years to realize. Last night's mediation was and IS big for me....I'll be working on this one for the rest of my life because I don't think forgiveness is one of those quick fixes. You may be able to take a pill to hide your emotions so that you can avoid the forgiveness...but why not just begin the process....and free yourself from the resentment over that someone or situation from the past. Living with acceptance in my breath and forgiveness in my steps.....forgiving in every moment...staying open to possibilities...and accepting all of the mirrors that cross my path...

Namaste, Sat Nam ~ Blessings

Saturday, February 12, 2011

1,2,3,4 - FIVE!

"So, today is day 5?" - me

"Just day 5?" - Cristina

=) Well, hip hip hoooray for us...we have only just begun..and we are definitely feeling the difference. It's amazing what a little breathwork and movement done every day can add to your life. For me, it's simply the act of doing by letting everything else go. Rather than focusing on my "should do's" I say, no, it is time for me to breath and check in with my mind, body, and spirit. So day 5 ~ I worked on alignment in standing poses today....all versions of warrior, tree pose, and half moon. Although I am a fan of ritual, I am really enjoying the variety of teachers and sequences that are offered on the yoga journal website. I was able to choose a 30 min session....and although I have done most of the poses before, I learned how to tune in even more to each muscle and cell of my properly align myself, and to stay true to where my limits are. Finding balance in tree pose is difficult, but I am learning to smile at myself more and return to steady focus...even balancing for 15 seconds feels like a huge achievement....go me! haha =)

I'd like to share my Kundalini yoga ~ women's quotes of the day....yesterday and today....

February 11, 2011

The moment you become a prayerful person, the fear of the Unknown is gone and love of the Unknown awakens.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, July 15, 1982

February 12, 2011

The law is that where there is a known, there is an Unknown. If you continue relating to the known, you are denying the Unknown.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, July 15, 1982

I suggest checking out this website if you want to learn more about what Kundalini yoga is....

And so....the "UnKnown".....dun dun dun.....this is what most of us fear in life...especially those of us who love to believe that they can control the outcome of their life....I'll raise my hand to that one. Yes, I admit, I have some control issues....but I have always played it off as though I am carefree and easy going....while this may be true...I also have expectations for what I feel "should be." SO, does the fact that I am admitting my control issue at least start the process of letting that go? I sure hope so...=) For as long as I can remember I have been afraid of losing control, of falling, of failing, or being wrong, of hurting someone else's feelings, of not being good enough or smart enough.......well all of that "stuff" has only held me back from receiving what was being given to me, learning from mistakes, voicing my opinion or thoughts, expressing my feelings, and believing in my self. I'm ready to shed a lot of layers, don't you think? yes. How will I go about doing this? Well.....I am going to pray. yes, Laurie Elizabeth is going to pray. It has taken me years to figure out that prayer is just another word for affirmation.....for intention....that thoughts and words are prayers.....that mantras are prayers. "But I'm not religious" I used to think. I have come to see through the practice of yoga, that I personally do not need a religion to find my spiritual self....that yoga enhances and adapts to every act of faith that exists. I could proabably ramble on more about this....but bottom line is time to pray.....

Blessings of Peace and Love. Namaste. Sat Nammmmmm

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 4 ~ Anxiety to Relaxation

Today began with 2 mommy and me music classes at a small nursery school. I'm always a little anxious before teaching somewhere new, but I always leave feeling fulfilled, accomplished, and a little silly for all the unnecessary worry. I returned home to my brother, niece, and nephew feeling the stress of the morning melt away. My brother had to leave for his class and I was ready to get Neena off to school, BUT, her bus driver found herself stuck in horrendous traffic on the highway just minutes before our that meant Neena was home with me...and a few extra hours of just me and the kids. Oh Gooody ~ Now, I started dancing with Neena and eating some lunch, but I have been avoiding caffeine and I'm noticing the crash midday....especially today. I survived the children, and more importantly, they survived "Ti Ti." We make a good team most days =)

I knew I still had homework for my online course and that if I got it done early enough, I could do yoga after the kids went to bed. Well, after dinner I took Kai in to go to sleep~ he took about a half hour to settle down and by that point, I was sister came in after an hour and I was so super confused why she was waking me up until I realized I hadn't meant to fall asleep yet. Oops!....Yoga! Blog! ugh ~ so I decided to try out the evening relaxation sequence on the yoga journal website. I felt I deserved a little break, plus my muscles are not feeling any kind of vinyasa flow right now. I am reminded again through doing these simple movements, that mindfulness is required to fully connect with what my body wants to do versus what "I" want it to do. There I go, separating my mind from my body....this all seems to simple to comprehend, that my body is also my mind, and my spirit.....but I am gradually beginning to fully grasp the intimate relationship that is forming....ultimately bringing my mind, body and spirit into -Union- the meaning of Yoga. I finished the sequence with an alternate nostril breath and a silent sound breath....visualizing the sound "Hum" going up your spine on the inhale, and the sound "Sa" going down the spine on the exhale. These short meditations are precious to me...the feeling in between's as if I am floating in a weightless world. Relaxing. What a concept. I'm going back to bed now =) Namaste.

May this world know Peace and Love. Blessings to those in Egypt and blessings to all. <3 love

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three ~ it's a magic number

It was a little over a year ago when a dear friend and I were discussing the energy of the number 3. When it comes to relationships....let's think of 3 friends...the balance is fragile...and it takes a conscious effort on everyone's part. Perhaps there is always someone in the middle of the other two, or one friend is so powerful that they take all the power. The energy can go from looking like a straight balance beam to a triangle and then the triangle can flip all around! I've been in many situations where I am the one in the middle...desperately trying to make peace. I have also experienced being the bottom point of an upside down triangle...for example, your friend is now in a relationship and you're one out!

Anyway, I wasn't sure what to blog about today and that just popped into mind. On to my day of yoga....I spent 45 intensely focused minutes in a "fun" (slash hard) vinyasa flow sequence. I am enjoying the variety of poses that are given through the yoga journal website, and the videos are easy to follow. I am realllly trying to be conscious of what my body is able to do versus what I want it to do....I tend to push a little too hard sometimes. I monitor this by paying attention to whether I can breath in a particular pose or not. It's funny, you think you're relaxed, your breathing, you're holding the pose...and then the teacher reminds you to soften the outside edges of your tongue and you realize you are clenching your jaw..even if just me a few times wonder I have TMJ! I've become more conscious of this slight jaw clench...I'll be sitting down to feed a bottle to my nephew and I have to tell my body to relax...where do I feel this release? Hips...and Jaw....again...the connection makes sense!

Despite the homework, the nannying, and the last minute preparations for some mommy and me music classes tomorrow morning, I'm feeling excitement and extreme satisfaction with day three.

"Oh the magic number...reduce, reuse, recycle, reduce, reuse, recycle".... Jack Johnson anyone?? I admit, I listen to the Laurie Berkner music channel on'd be surprised at all those big name bands that make children's songs too! anywayyyyyyy =) Namaste, Blessings, and gooood night! LOVE

P.S. - Did I mention that I was completely obsessed with "The Three Amigos" as a child? over and over...word for word...obsessed...outfit and everything.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hips ~ Day 2

Woke up this morning completely aware of my muscles....because they are feeling yesterday's anusara yoga! I now sit in the sunshine which is coming through the glass doorway....and I am glad to take in the warmth...ahhhh. I went onto the Yoga Journal 21 day challenge site for a 30 minute hip opener series before lunch in the sun, and...woah! I learned some new poses that I have never done before and experienced a Sweeeet shavasana yet again.

Most yoga teachers stress the importance of opening the hips because this is where we hold a lot of women especially. Osteopaths and physicians say that hips are the foundation of our anatomy....did you know that? I mean, hip alignment affects everything above and below the waist. Plus, too much sitting increases the amount of tension we hold in our turn affecting our back muscles...I can certainly relate to that....I've been in and out of physical therapy for poor posture and tight back muscles since high school. That is, until I found yoga....(and HULA HOOPING! hahaha). A close friend of our family who does a lot of Bodywork told me that pretty much everyone has one hip that is higher than the other. I personally have always had one hip that is not only higher, but jammed up into my always feels stuck. I've also been told by bodyworkers that the hip can affect the jaw...and of course I have always had TMJ on the same side as that stuck hip. I can't help but relate this "Stuckness" to that side of my left..and what that resembles energetically. So, energetically speaking, the left side is our receiving side....our feminine side....we take in energy and give out through our right, masculine side...the side of action. So, when I think about my patterns...I see the correlation clearly...what do I love most? Giving! Action! What do I have a hard time with? Receiving! Commitment! haha....not too uncommon for a woman, but still....this gives me some more clarity as I continue to affirm my higher potential. "I am open to receive, to be balanced and complete."

I am also looking back into a book I read 2 years ago...."You can Heal your Life" by Louise Hay.....she talks a lot about the way your thoughts affect your life...your health, your career, your relationships....and this is what she say about hips....."hip problems represent fear of going forward with major decisions. Hips represent the idea that the next step in your life is important".....and relate that to me? Well, I'm currently preparing myself for a BIG move this fall to the southwest for a 2 year grad program in Art Therapy. It has taken me 4 years to get back into school and I'm glad I took the time...but this time around, I will be stepping into a new environment with all new people and I will be independent for the first time in my life! No old friends or family close by, and no boyfriend to split the costs of living with. Its actually VERY exciting for me....I'm so happy that I have come this far...and I am willing to move forward. As for importance....this next step is so important to me! Not only is this the beginning of a new career with actual credentials....but it is the beginning of me...of knowing how "I" live...and going even deeper on my inward journey to my highest self. I know this journey does not suddenly end or complete itself....but it is an ongoing quest....again how could I not be excited and thrilled? In fact, it's a conscious choice I always strive be active in the quest...and mindfully present to the unfolding of my life. And so....the yoga practice shall continue...these new "mind, body, spirit" muscles are only starting to open up and align themselves. Be Grateful! Be love! Namaste.....Sat Nam!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day One ~

"Flower Child" ~ woven reed and paper sculpture by Laurie Elizabeth Spring 2006

And so, the morning begins with me rolling out of bed to greet my almost 12 month old nephew who had supposedly been asking for me since 6 am..."Ti Ti! Ti Ti!" Every morning in the apt. of the J-5, there are diapers to be changed and tummies to be let's just be clear that yoga and meditation don't always apply to my morning hours. I go for my usual toast with almond butter with cinnamon and spend most of the morning preparing food and getting my niece Neena ready for her day. Since living here, I have come to appreciate the closeness that a family has...and have realized that this is something I did not really have the chance to experience until being here with my brother, sister in law, and their beautiful children. Growing up with divorced parents since the age of 5 always had me wondering if I was somehow different from everyone else...for most of my schooling, my closest friends were all part of a "Real," "complete" family. Well, it did make me different, and it has impacted my life in many ways....and I am ready to accept it all.....after all, It IS what is IS~ Although I have some broken pieces...I have a lot of strong ones. I know that working through our past regrets, hurts, fears, and old beliefs is a big part of yoga and meditation...that the process itself can either be painful from resistance....or graceful from acceptance. And so, I vow to myself that I will accept every feeling and thought that comes from this 21 day journey. I vow to be patient with myself when I take steps off of my course...that I will always come back to my center to reaffirm how much I am committed to my higher purpose.....and so...I'm off to do some Heart Flow Vinyasa with Cristina! More later....

Soooo, it's only been like a week of not doing as much yoga and my body could really tell! It is so crucial for me to keep stretching every day if I am ever going to open these hips and shoulders. The dvd is great...and they even show you those crazy stretches that only the very dedicated or naturally flexible can do....ahhhhh......someday! Can I tell you my favorite part of yoga? Shavasana....that's corpse just lay on your mat, palms up...totally relaxed at the end of your session. Not only are you completely silent with all the non-thinking from focusing on alignment and breath....but your body is literally vibrating and "downloading" all of the information you just fed it. I've learned that the body needs breath and relaxation to integrate the new remember for the next time you are on your mat.

Today was refreshing... prior to the session I was pacing, writing, taking care of Kai (nephew), and just feeling a little dull. But after you come up out of Shavasana and into a seated position....its hard not to feel success and accomplishment...and that's how I feel now ~ accomplished because I am committed to take the time for me. More tomorrow....tonight will be a short "Life enhancement meditation" from the Yoga Journal website. Namaste!

One of my favorite quotes by Yogi Bajhan (the yogi tea guy!) "When the time is upon you, start - and the pressure will be off."

Monday, February 7, 2011

"21 Days of Devotion"

This Jan. began with snow....and lots of it! Each year I find myself appreciating the seasons more and more. When I see the snow, I feel a cleansing, purifying, and quieting... I've barely left the apartment building where I live with my beautiful "Jersey 5" and although there have been some serious moments of cabin fever and frustration, there has been an indescribable sense of peace for where I am in my life. Those endless "must do's" and "should do's" have significantly's almost eerie. I have also found that the new year has given me a fresh outlook on how I spend each precious moment. I have been motivated to do more yoga, enjoy more vegetarian meals, and explore the world of vibrational healing through sound and mantras. From this, my sister Cristina and I have been encouraging each other to continue our yoga we are both feeling a shift...a driving force within that is screaming for be awakened so that we can embody our highest potentials. SO, that brings me to our "21 days of devotion"....technically this started with a free subscription to Yoga Journal as a result from my beautiful birthday spent at Kripalu last July. In the Jan. issue, they encourage their readers to take a 21 day challenge of yoga and meditation....and we go! We will be yoga-ing, meditating, and blogging for the next 21 days...starting tomorrow! They say it takes 21 days to start a new habit.... =)

Blessings, Namaste, Sat Nam ~

blog change!

Heads up for anyone who happens to read this blog....Cristina and I are starting our own pages...Love and Breastmilk is now "Puranpreet" which will be my personal page...please continue to read! Cristina is starting her own blog titled "Awaken Awareness" be found through the link below. We are both embarking on an inward journey and Cristina is calling it our "21 days of Devotion." Please follow along on our journey! love and light ~