Friday, June 8, 2012

"Anything Is Possible" ~ a look back...

I turned on the radio and heard the song "Anything Is Possible" by Jen was serendipitous.

...and as I listened to her message, I began reflecting on how far I have come since that Thursday night on June the 9th, 2011.... when I lay on the earth below a tree, instantly paralyzed from my waist down.

I remember it so vividly, the thoughts and emotions and mostly the intensity of both my love of life and my fear of the painful, unknown future.

As I move forward on this journey, I choose to continue growing and learning from this new path. I believe in myself like never before... I feel so driven to live a healthy, vibrant, and balanced life. I want to find harmony in all relationships and most importantly, I want to surrender to each moment's gift.

I hope whomever is reading this blog can learn to embrace themselves as I am now learning...but without having to endure such a traumatic experience. I see how pain and fear can lead us to our awakening...but my wish for you is that however life leads cradles you gently.

I hope that this short video will connect with your heart- as it has been that kind of journey....

With love and gratitude,

Laurie Elizabeth

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