Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Orchids and Fireworks

I had a dream last spring about being in Florida with a good friend who had recently moved there. At the time of having this dream I was living in New Jersey and the idea of traveling in a wheelchair to FL was pretty far fetched. In the dream I saw really artistic apartments and met new friends. Then while I was in one of the apartments, my friends and I saw a glowing green spider on the wall. It came towards us and though I think we were bitten and we thought we were doomed, nothing ended up happening. Later in the dream, I was able to walk with the assistance of my friend who is also paralyzed in "real life"...yet in the dream we were both up and walking as though we were one person... with our legs connected. Then we were sitting in a was definitely in FL with palm trees and a very nice outdoor setting. I was telling him that all I wanted was "Orchids and Fireworks"....I was saying it in a very passionate voice with a lot of feeling...

Now, a year and a half later I am about to move to Florida...the land of orchids and close by the Orlando where many fireworks are going off. I am connecting with artists and musicians...but more significantly, I have been able to step into this move through the empowerment of doing The Avatar Course...and what's really funny about that at every course, there are beautiful orchid plants everywhere set up as displays and the main song to celebrate each person who becomes an Avatar is Katy Perry's "Fireworks" song. I am tickled by how many of my dreams have created my reality in this way.

So yes, it is finally a big time for this transition...for more orchids and more fireworks....more empowerment...and to feel what it feels like to live on my own for the first time in my whole life. You can imagine that the last few weeks have successfully shown the full spectrum of human emotions and of every doubt possible but thanks to many friends, family, and fellow Avatar Masters, I have been able to continue moving forward rather than backing out like I have done on many occasions previously. In a way, I see this move as a part of my medicine for being paralyzed. How many times have I stopped myself from moving forward before? I was paralyzing myself before becoming paralyzed....I's an interesting viewpoint but it's really how I feel. This movement forward towards a life I have been afraid of stepping into is shaping a new me...this is an unknown territory that I was completely procrastinating my self from life was already on was already paralyzed.

Here I go folks....onward towards a new adventure and now I'm doing it with even more challenges in my way. I'm ready, finally. I am feeling, finally. I am deciding, finally! Thank you to everyone for supporting me because without the help from everyone I would have continued fearing the unknown and believing that in order to move forward, I had to do it all alone. That has been far from true in my experience...and boy am I humbled to ask for help now when I need it..and lots of it at times.

For the next 29 days, I'll be blogging about the journey and transition forward under a new blog title "Orchids and Fireworks." Stay tuned for some stories, insights, and updates. I am grateful to share and excited to hear from anyone who feels like sharing in return.

I am graced and blessed tonight and always, much love,

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