Tuesday, February 28, 2012

21 Days of Gratitude

"Listen Up it's time to take another look around....it's hard to hear your inner voice so shhh don't make a sound." - From "Conscious Evolution" on my album "Rainbow Roots"

Last Jan-Feb of 2011, my sister and I began a 21 day challenge for yoga, meditation and blogging. I began writing my blog "Puranpreet" which is my Kundalini spiritual name (get yours here) and my sister began writing her blog "Awaken Awareness." I learned through our experience that when you commit to yourself, make it a challenge, and have someone there to support you along the way, you shift into being able to create the time and space for doing those things you are interested in, miss doing, or know you NEED in your life.

Since June 9th, the night of my injury, I have learned many small and powerful lessons about life. I attribute much of my self growth as the gift in my wound. I was forced into stillness...forced to do things that always made me uncomfortable....like expressing my needs, asking for help, allowing others to care for me, exploring the "darker" emotions and unhealthy thought patterns, examining the mis-communications in my relationships, setting boundaries....etc. There are so many ways in which life teaches you. On my harder days, I often think of my many heroes who also went through a traumatic life experience and yet came out more whole and self aware from their journey. I knew on that night when I was clinging to my rib cage as though I was holding my body together...that what had just occurred right then in that very moment... was somehow going to heal me. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace in knowing that somehow, completely unknown and unexplainable to myself, there was a greater purpose now preparing to be born through me- through this life experience.

So...after spending much of my winter at home... learning and growing, I am ready to shift into sharing again. Next week I begin outpatient therapy with more OT and PT. I'm still seeing an acupuncturist, taking tons of enzymes to support my whole body systems, getting Raindrop therapy with essential oils, working with an Art Therapist, getting BodyTalk energy healing sessions, and working out hard with a personal trainer. I've wheeled around Morristown by myself a couple times and each day I strive to either think about or try something new. I've even started writing with my left hand in my journal. =) I'm seeing more and more how creating small achievable steps and celebrating those small achievements is so important. I recognize that the beauty of the journey is not the end result....it's the process, the people who are there with you, and the state of mind that drives you. My drive to move is strong ~ no problem! But my willingness to sit still and listen?? hmm...I'm still working on that. That's why I'm back to the blog...and challenging myself to another 21 day challenge.

So....21 days of gratitude

I am going to spend the next 21 days to take 10 minutes on my blog to write down 5 things I am grateful for and how they make me FEEL. I've heard from countless leaders that vibrating in the feeling of gratitude can create a shift inside and out. The challenge for me is to add in the emotional element. So, just 10 minutes of stillness to sit with myself, count my blessings, and bask in the feeling of being grateful.

Stillness is just one lesson that has come through my paralysis. I can't speak for others who share my situation...but for me, my whole world perspective has changed. I invite you to take a deep breath, and ask yourself what lesson you are learning in your life right now. What do you need to do or be in order to master your life's lesson? hmm....I'm sure if we sit still we might just hear the answers.

All of my love, blessings, and gratitude. Namaste ~ Laurie

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