Sunday, November 23, 2014

Love, Hope, and Faith

If nothing else, I’m learning to love myself again, to allow that love to come fully into my being. 

The sweetest gift of connection and genuine care. Slowly and gently moving forward into the most beautiful embrace.

My heart opens and more importantly my being-ness relaxes and feels again. 

Feeling hope and faith beyond the fears.... and feeling the love of grace. 

I’m listening and sharing again. 

I have less expectation and more wonderment and excitement for the unknown. 

There may be more yet....but if time stopped here…I am present with it and amazed.

An unshakable faith that we can change our lives, our minds, our stories, our beliefs, our realities….when we are willing to do so. 

Could it get any better? 

Could there be more to grow, more to do, more to become? 

Yes.....and that's all I really need to keep saying.

I am grateful for this gift. 

Thank you.
Thank you.  
Thank you. 


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