Friday, August 22, 2014

Notes to Self...

hmmm.....I just found an article from March 2013....and have some notes to share

Sometimes the best advice I find comes from myself. =) I totally needed to hear these words today....and I love how "past" information or writings can be brand new....this is the gift of being present. I am sooo grateful to read this and feel how far I have come with tools that help me create even more gratitude for the journey I am on. 

From the Article (click here for the full article)
 --- “Trauma is not always sad, it can create connections to bring people to ‘self-recover’ into a new life” is how Laurie Kammer views life today. “Before the accident I felt very disconnected, having lost touch with people I cared about. I was anxious to move forward in my life, I really knew I wanted to help people but I was not sure quite how to do that. The impatience I felt to have it all figured out left me feeling overextended and exhausted. Today I am comfortable in the fact that I am not supposed to know the ‘destination’, only experience the journey, remaining open to the new possibilities that every day brings”

"Laurie knew that if she was to be able to have a full life going forward, she needed to begin to really focus on healing her inner self if in order to facilitate the maximum healing potential for her body. She suspected that she could adopt new ways to experience life: through a prism of non-judgment, a way she felt especially equipped to handle because of her own personal journey, and in turn have more compassion for others. Enrolling in the Avatar course which emphasized preventative care, and the exploration of consciousness through meditative tools to become more present: “I learned I could choose what my life would be vs. being a passive victim of it. I could continuing to stay in negative patterns or choose to shed those old beliefs that were not serving me. When I embraced this way of thinking, I felt self-empowered, and in charge of my own recovery.”---

After reading this I am reminded that forgiveness of self, honesty, gratitude and increasing my self trust are all big parts of how I am able to continue moving forward. We can appreciate ourselves =) My cat Zephyr just came to my side, put her paws up on my wheels and talked to me....perfect timing.

What I was asking for, I received. I wanted to step into a life that was full of purpose, grace, love for others, healing, and true empowerment through spiritual work. I have found this and more. We all have unique ways of getting to the places we want to be and it's up to us to determine the fine details. This is why the work I do now is so important to me...I can see that our intentions drive us forward and that we really can be source of the outcome.

On that note, one of my favorite quotes by Harry Palmer, Author of the Avatar® Materials.... "Love is an expression of the willingness to create space in which something is allowed to change"

Namaste ~ Laurie

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