Monday, May 23, 2011

release release release

These last few months have been full of intensity....on all levels of self. I've experienced the worst pain, extreme fear, mental fog, and neglected my priorities....while also experiencing new friends, new ideas, powerful healing sessions, incredible breakthroughs in conversations, new opportunities, and new love. Life is so full of change right literally feels like the tornadoes and thunderstorms are a reflection of this consciousness. Today I received a wonderful healing treatment with a cranio and myofascial body worker who also does reiki/energy work. She was able to help me work through the parts of my body that hold onto fear from my past that is still being triggered and worries that don't belong to me. Rather than lying there and just receiving, I felt I was an active part in my own healing which is something I have been waiting for. Our bodies hold emotions in every cell....they don't forget...they don't understand that we've grown up and no longer require them. What I cleared out of my stomach today had more to do with my 5 year old self....but recent situations were triggering these old fears. I am so grateful for these healers that have been a part of my life in this last year. It is so so so rewarding to finally feel free to express myself and to be heard from a deeper place. I am working so hard to move forward for myself, my family, and the world. Now is such a crucial moment in our evolution!

I embrace the seeds of change coming into my life right's time to move ~ to create space for new beginnings ~ to release my fear and worry ~ and to truly step into action as I live from my authentic truth. Truth is my identity~ Sat Nam

I am grateful to my body for protecting me and for being to my vessel to align with my higher self. As I stood in tree pose today, I thought about rooting UP as well as down....and I felt my whole nervous system tingle just like the fine root systems that they are. We are all avatars !

Here is a blessing I was given today....I am glad to share this part with you.

So, In this time of great change, the knowing is replacing the emotional worry.....I have a great life. I live, I love, I enjoy. I am blessed.

Blessings to you all. Love and light ~ Loooooooooooooove is here

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