Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rise Up Rainbow Roots

Rise Up

Blessings! My name is Laurie Kammer and I am currently recovering from a fall out of a tree that has left me paralyzed from my belly button down. Every day has brought both challenges and opportunities my way as I learn how to adapt to this state of being. I have received so much support already from friends and family and for this I am overwhelmingly grateful. When I fell I was completely conscious …the slow motion, the thoughts, the purple pop of light when I hit and broke my spine, and the instant realization that I will not be able to dance if I cannot move my legs. As help came, I fell deeply in love with everyone around me and was in a state of awe as I observed my rescuers being of service to me…something I had never really experienced before…I even smiled as I was lifted into the helicopter. In the hospital, I am still ever so in love with the warm and nurturing staff. I am receiving Holistic recovery including acupuncture, bodywork, crystal and energy medicine, and most important to my legs, music and vibrational therapy. Some of these healing modalities come from the hospital and some come through those amazing family and friends I have. When I leave the hospital and enter into rehabilitation, I will begin to face many new challenges. The rest of this story is unknown…How long will I be there? In what state will I leave there? One thing I do know is the financial burden I am currently dealing with is one that I cannot face alone. My support group is doing all they can to raise awareness as they begin to collaborate and create fundraising events. In my honor, these events will include the things I am most passionate about…art, dance, music, community, and healing through LOVE. I thank you all in advance for the donations and creative collaborations that mean so much to me. I hear and feel your prayers. I accept this challenge as I plant a new seed within me to find strength in my own inner tree. With so much love and a great big smile, Thank You and Namaste!

-Laurie Kammer- June 23, 2011

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