Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Return to Gathering of the Vibes 2012!

In the summer of 2012,  July 19-22.... I made a return to the festival community with a vending booth I used to work for called "Little Hippie" ~ the owner, Taylor Swope had suggested I could go and that she would somehow make the booth accessible for me and my wheelchair. Well.....that happened!

I spent the weekend in bliss with my old friends and made new friends as well. Despite the challenges that come with spinal cord injury, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the sweet sounds of festival life. Making hair flair, hula hooping, painting, dancing, helping in the booth, playing ukulele, hanging in hammocks, shopping around, new bands, etc, etc.

To honor this experience I have created a video and would love to invite you all to experience it with me. There are many ways to continue enjoying your life after injury or trauma. I found many pieces of my soul here that were deeply healing for me. I also met someone who significantly changed me in a few sentences...but that I will leave for another story at a future date.

In short....My advice? Life is best lived when you are following your heart and bliss in every moment. Live to your fullest excitement and even when others are wary about your decisions.... learn to use your own heart as the compass for your life. I've made many huge life changing decisions in the past few years and I don't regret a single one.

Is my life a challenge? YES. It is very much so. My day to day consists of things that most people would never think about. I don't blame because I was no different before my injury occurred. I don't feel the need to tell people to learn more about spinal cord injury....unless they want to. I'm just living life from a different perspective right now and the exploration has taught me valuable life lessons. I've gained insights into the importance of life, of compassion, of patience, of gratitude, and of honesty with oneself.

I still have many dreams to achieve and now that I am living my purpose in every way I can....I feel more and more confident in my ABILITY. I am a true evolutionary soul....and I believe we can all create exactly what we want. I use the tools I have and the more I open to not knowing how things will look, the more space I have for things to create. The journey continues.....

AND NOW......the video.... "My Return to Gathering of the Vibes 2012"

My Love and Gratitude,

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