Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heart Healing

"Heart Prayer for the Planet" ~ created in Illustrator, March 2011, by Laurie Elizabeth

This past Saturday, I returned from FL to the NJ airport earlier than the rest of my family. I had found a table to sit at with my computer....3 minutes later a beautiful man came and sat across from me. My normal reaction would be.."oh great, am I entering an uncomfortable situation? Is this safe? should I give him money...etc. But I was surprisingly calm and open. He told me he was homeless, a poet, and had schizophrenia. He asked me to give him a subject and he would create a poem for me. I said Yes...I'd like a poem about trees. He started like this... "It begins as a seed..." and went from there into a beautiful, flowing poem all about the sacredness of the tree...it's importance to our lives and our earth. As he spoke, I found myself floating in time and space....it was so surreal. I can almost hear the mother inside me saying..."Ah, that was not safe, or avoid these situations" But I followed my instinct and had complete trust that this was a special moment. He asked if I was a poet...I told him about my artwork and songwriting...he told me he liked my "colors"...I gave him a couple bucks I had and then he moved on. It was a swift meeting...with a moment of connection. Regardless of whether he was genuine or not...I feel everyone deserves the right to be heard, and I was glad to be listening.

I want to share the art piece that I began on this day after receiving the gift of poetry while waiting in the airport.... just finished tonight. It's my heart prayer for the planet...Enjoy! Love and blessings to you all. Good night!

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