Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's in a Name?

What is in a name? My answer is ~ energy (shocking, I know!). Names, letters, words....they all carry vibration. Names have meanings....some names are cute sounding, some old sounding, some kinda doofy sounding, and some sophisticated. About a month ago, I was looking at my name, Laurie Kammer, listed among other classmate's names in my online course. I caught myself thinking the following....

"Everyone must think I'm young" "My name stands out like a 5 yr old amongst adults" "Does this mean I think of myself as a little girl?" "Wow, is that really how I feel about myself?, despite all the work I've been doing to "grow up?"

....I proceeded to bring up this self realization with my brother and sister and that's when I decided to try going by my middle name, Elizabeth. Energetically....Elizabeth feels beautiful and womanly instead of "cute" and "little." I never really spent time saying it before, but I think Elizabeth has a beautiful sound to it. As far as meanings go...and this is funny....Laurie means "crowned with Laurel" (Flower CHild?! haha) and Elizabeth means "Daughter of God or Vow of God" (GODDESS!).

I'm not saying that I'm not Laurie anymore...or that I didn't enjoy being Laurie..I just wasn't feeling it. Well, synchronistically, I happened to shift into my Elizabeth self just in time to begin my "21 days of devotion" ~ how about that? Around that same time I was surfing a Kundalini yoga website and found a link that said "Get your Spiritual Name," so I clicked on it and "Puranpreet" is what I received. Instead of adopting this name at this time in my life, I feel it is serving a nice purpose as my blog title...there to guide me toward that destiny of wholeness within myself =)

Anyway, if you are wondering what to call me, no worries. I'm still Laurie. Only now I am aware of my inner Elizabeth. and I like the way they sound together ~ XO

With Love ~ Laurie Elizabeth

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