Monday, February 28, 2011

21 ~ New Beginnings

"Dream Catcher" ~ woven grasses from my backyard ~ created in the fire-light during a meteor shower =) good times..

It's been 21 days...

How do I feel? Confident, Powerful, Inspired, and ready for more. I feel this is just the beginning of new beginnings for me.

I've been doing yoga off and on for about 4 years but I've never been able to make it a ritual. It is an incredible accomplishment to commit and succeed at this... but Yoga has also taught me to be conscious of what truths are presenting themselves in the moment. Like if I fall out of tree pose, just get back into it! Or if I can't do a backbend, so what! Do what's right for me now! Sure. I did yoga and meditation everyday...but I only caught a glimpse what those peaceful blisslike yogis experience. Some days my shoulders were tight, my knee twisted, my head felt like a ton of bricks in downward dog from lack of sleep, and my mind was all over the place! And yet yoga has taught me about forgiving those moments when it feels like I'm swimming upstream. Life is about accepting whichever way the current is flowing, right now, and co-creating with that moment to maintain this higher level of consciousness.

The most important word to me is "Consciousness." When I say "higher," I don't mean better. I simply mean more waking up to a dream and being an active player in the way it ends. In the bundle of times I've been able to experience conscious dreaming, I am free to fly wherever I want and create the life I wish to live in that moment. Isn't this similar to the "law of attraction?" Visualize what you want, create an intention and affirmation that you already have it, experience the Feeeling of having it, and TRUST that it is going to happen....celebrate that the Universe always responds to you. I'm no expert on this...I just feel like there has to be a link between Consciousness and Manifestation. Becoming "Awake" to those negative self thoughts, those self sabotaging belief patterns, and those mirrors or signs that show themselves over and over....don't call it a "coincidence" it a Synchronicity ~ and bring more Consciousness into your life. I don't expect to "get it" right away, but I am so incredibly happy to know and feel that I am staying true to myself as I follow this breath of consciousness into new expressions of my "self."

I am truly inspired by those in this world who are already bringing consciousness to their actions....who find win-win solutions to local and global issues...who co-create within their community to live in Union with our Earth. These are my gods and goddesses who walk with me. Yoga has been a way for me to experience awareness in all aspects of my self. Rather than reading about meditation, or the latest "new agey" topic on how to be more conscious....I am able to experience it inside myself and create an intimate relationship with this energy and wisdom which I already have within. Now.

So - I choose to wake up. I am ready to make my contribution. I am ready to give and to receive. I am a 21st Century Goddess. I am powerful. I am feminine. I am a co-creator. I am my authentic self. I am Love. I am. I am. I am.

Blessings ~ Sat Nam ~ Namaste~ SO much love and peace....

.....stay tuned for more "21 day commitments" You know, they say it only takes 21 days? =)

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