Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day One ~

"Flower Child" ~ woven reed and paper sculpture by Laurie Elizabeth Spring 2006

And so, the morning begins with me rolling out of bed to greet my almost 12 month old nephew who had supposedly been asking for me since 6 am..."Ti Ti! Ti Ti!" Every morning in the apt. of the J-5, there are diapers to be changed and tummies to be tended...so let's just be clear that yoga and meditation don't always apply to my morning hours. I go for my usual toast with almond butter with cinnamon and spend most of the morning preparing food and getting my niece Neena ready for her day. Since living here, I have come to appreciate the closeness that a family has...and have realized that this is something I did not really have the chance to experience until being here with my brother, sister in law, and their beautiful children. Growing up with divorced parents since the age of 5 always had me wondering if I was somehow different from everyone else...for most of my schooling, my closest friends were all part of a "Real," "complete" family. Well, it did make me different, and it has impacted my life in many ways....and I am ready to accept it all.....after all, It IS what is IS~ Although I have some broken pieces...I have a lot of strong ones. I know that working through our past regrets, hurts, fears, and old beliefs is a big part of yoga and meditation...that the process itself can either be painful from resistance....or graceful from acceptance. And so, I vow to myself that I will accept every feeling and thought that comes from this 21 day journey. I vow to be patient with myself when I take steps off of my course...that I will always come back to my center to reaffirm how much I am committed to my higher purpose.....and so...I'm off to do some Heart Flow Vinyasa with Cristina! More later....

Soooo, it's only been like a week of not doing as much yoga and my body could really tell! It is so crucial for me to keep stretching every day if I am ever going to open these hips and shoulders. The dvd is great...and they even show you those crazy stretches that only the very dedicated or naturally flexible can do....ahhhhh......someday! Can I tell you my favorite part of yoga? Shavasana....that's corpse pose...yea...you just lay on your mat, palms up...totally relaxed at the end of your session. Not only are you completely silent with all the non-thinking from focusing on alignment and breath....but your body is literally vibrating and "downloading" all of the information you just fed it. I've learned that the body needs breath and relaxation to integrate the new postures....to remember for the next time you are on your mat.

Today was refreshing... prior to the session I was pacing, writing, taking care of Kai (nephew), and just feeling a little dull. But after you come up out of Shavasana and into a seated position....its hard not to feel success and accomplishment...and that's how I feel now ~ accomplished because I am committed to take the time for me. More tomorrow....tonight will be a short "Life enhancement meditation" from the Yoga Journal website. Namaste!

One of my favorite quotes by Yogi Bajhan (the yogi tea guy!) "When the time is upon you, start - and the pressure will be off."

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