Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 4 ~ Anxiety to Relaxation

Today began with 2 mommy and me music classes at a small nursery school. I'm always a little anxious before teaching somewhere new, but I always leave feeling fulfilled, accomplished, and a little silly for all the unnecessary worry. I returned home to my brother, niece, and nephew feeling the stress of the morning melt away. My brother had to leave for his class and I was ready to get Neena off to school, BUT, her bus driver found herself stuck in horrendous traffic on the highway just minutes before our that meant Neena was home with me...and a few extra hours of just me and the kids. Oh Gooody ~ Now, I started dancing with Neena and eating some lunch, but I have been avoiding caffeine and I'm noticing the crash midday....especially today. I survived the children, and more importantly, they survived "Ti Ti." We make a good team most days =)

I knew I still had homework for my online course and that if I got it done early enough, I could do yoga after the kids went to bed. Well, after dinner I took Kai in to go to sleep~ he took about a half hour to settle down and by that point, I was sister came in after an hour and I was so super confused why she was waking me up until I realized I hadn't meant to fall asleep yet. Oops!....Yoga! Blog! ugh ~ so I decided to try out the evening relaxation sequence on the yoga journal website. I felt I deserved a little break, plus my muscles are not feeling any kind of vinyasa flow right now. I am reminded again through doing these simple movements, that mindfulness is required to fully connect with what my body wants to do versus what "I" want it to do. There I go, separating my mind from my body....this all seems to simple to comprehend, that my body is also my mind, and my spirit.....but I am gradually beginning to fully grasp the intimate relationship that is forming....ultimately bringing my mind, body and spirit into -Union- the meaning of Yoga. I finished the sequence with an alternate nostril breath and a silent sound breath....visualizing the sound "Hum" going up your spine on the inhale, and the sound "Sa" going down the spine on the exhale. These short meditations are precious to me...the feeling in between's as if I am floating in a weightless world. Relaxing. What a concept. I'm going back to bed now =) Namaste.

May this world know Peace and Love. Blessings to those in Egypt and blessings to all. <3 love

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