Friday, February 25, 2011

18 - Goddess

"Goddess Pose" ~ Created in Illustrator by Laurie Elizabeth, 2010

Tonight I pulled some goddess cards, and this is my reading...4 cards and the various meanings of each.

What is happening now~the light of my current situation: Eireen ~ greek goddess of peace ~ "give your cares and worries to heaven, pray, meditate, engage in peace-enhancing activities such as yoga, sea-salt baths, massage, naps, music, playfulness, and the like"

I can check off everything on this list as far as this week goes haha =) The obvious card...

What is happening now~the shadow of the situatio
n: Sedna ~ Inuit and Alaskan goddess of the sea ~ "don't worry about the future, know that you'll always have enough to eat, your needs will always be provided for, spend time at the ocean, swim with dolphins, move to the beach or an island community, go swimming, sailing, or surfing, give time or money to a cause that protects the ocean"

This one is interesting...she is all about the balance of giving and receiving. I feel like I have been subconsciously worrying about my future move and the possible struggle of living on my own. I am deeply in love with the ocean and often fantasize of living near a beach and wearing only sarongs...walking around barefoot...sounds like a honeymoon right?

What can I actively do right now?: Maeve ~ Celtic goddess who celebrates her femininity ~ "female cycle changes are an issue for you, make time to rest, initiate steps to alleviate lethargy or depression, take better care of your body, seek support for dealing with emotional crises, allow yourself to grieve or take time off, know this lull won't last forever, a doorway of opportunity has opened up, and you need to walk through it now."

This card describes a lot of things I have already dealt with in the last year, however in my current situation I feel that taking some time off (out of the house!) and trusting that my most emotional month of the year is soon ending...Feb gets me...more sunshine please!...I am also working a lot on connecting with my emotional body. As for opportunities...I'm open and ready!

What needs to be experienced?
Nemetona ~ Celtic goddess whose name means "sacred grove" because she protects the ancient Celtic ceremonial sites, outdoors in sacred groves of trees. ~ "Build an altar in your home, take a spiritually oriented trip, you need a quiet place of refuge and retreat for yourself, create a medicine circle or labyrinth..walk the labyrinth, clear the energy in your home with sage, prayer, toning, or other space clearing methods."

So this one is obvious...I need to experience the alter that is already within me...but what I also find interesting is that today, when I lay down to take a nap, I had this incredible vision of a sculpture. I've been glimpsing it on nights when I am laying with Kai or Neena to put them to bed...and as soon as I am totally with it, I realize they are asleep. So the vision is a sculpture of a tree....but its not made out of clay...its a different more organic...muddy...gritty....yet sturdy material...and its one of those sexy goddessy beautiful trees...=).....and today I saw the tree I had been sculpting in previous visions....but this time I had woven reeds into a spiraling staircase starting at the base of the trunk and gradually thinning out with the tips of the branches....there are also bubble shaped "nests" or "homes" woven into the branches....with reeds first, then covered in a translucent white paper...kinda like a glowing fairy anyway, I saw this and was like ahhhh...just so relaxed and almost asleep...and I heard the words..."The steps of an Avatar" in my mind. I feel this is a place I can deep my own inner sanctuary which happens to be a sacred grove...and I am excited to create this whatever way it wants to be created. When I was at Kripalu for my goddess weekend, I remember her telling us that trees were avatars....that an avatar was an enlightened being...the definition I have on my mac dictionary is this..."a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher." Super least to me. =)

Brings me back to this day in July....lovin on the goddess...

Blessings and Love ~ peace....oh shanti shanti shanti...oh shanti shanti shanti

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