Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hips ~ Day 2

Woke up this morning completely aware of my muscles....because they are feeling yesterday's anusara yoga! I now sit in the sunshine which is coming through the glass doorway....and I am glad to take in the warmth...ahhhh. I went onto the Yoga Journal 21 day challenge site for a 30 minute hip opener series before lunch in the sun, and...woah! I learned some new poses that I have never done before and experienced a Sweeeet shavasana yet again.

Most yoga teachers stress the importance of opening the hips because this is where we hold a lot of women especially. Osteopaths and physicians say that hips are the foundation of our anatomy....did you know that? I mean, hip alignment affects everything above and below the waist. Plus, too much sitting increases the amount of tension we hold in our turn affecting our back muscles...I can certainly relate to that....I've been in and out of physical therapy for poor posture and tight back muscles since high school. That is, until I found yoga....(and HULA HOOPING! hahaha). A close friend of our family who does a lot of Bodywork told me that pretty much everyone has one hip that is higher than the other. I personally have always had one hip that is not only higher, but jammed up into my always feels stuck. I've also been told by bodyworkers that the hip can affect the jaw...and of course I have always had TMJ on the same side as that stuck hip. I can't help but relate this "Stuckness" to that side of my left..and what that resembles energetically. So, energetically speaking, the left side is our receiving side....our feminine side....we take in energy and give out through our right, masculine side...the side of action. So, when I think about my patterns...I see the correlation clearly...what do I love most? Giving! Action! What do I have a hard time with? Receiving! Commitment! haha....not too uncommon for a woman, but still....this gives me some more clarity as I continue to affirm my higher potential. "I am open to receive, to be balanced and complete."

I am also looking back into a book I read 2 years ago...."You can Heal your Life" by Louise Hay.....she talks a lot about the way your thoughts affect your life...your health, your career, your relationships....and this is what she say about hips....."hip problems represent fear of going forward with major decisions. Hips represent the idea that the next step in your life is important".....and relate that to me? Well, I'm currently preparing myself for a BIG move this fall to the southwest for a 2 year grad program in Art Therapy. It has taken me 4 years to get back into school and I'm glad I took the time...but this time around, I will be stepping into a new environment with all new people and I will be independent for the first time in my life! No old friends or family close by, and no boyfriend to split the costs of living with. Its actually VERY exciting for me....I'm so happy that I have come this far...and I am willing to move forward. As for importance....this next step is so important to me! Not only is this the beginning of a new career with actual credentials....but it is the beginning of me...of knowing how "I" live...and going even deeper on my inward journey to my highest self. I know this journey does not suddenly end or complete itself....but it is an ongoing quest....again how could I not be excited and thrilled? In fact, it's a conscious choice I always strive be active in the quest...and mindfully present to the unfolding of my life. And so....the yoga practice shall continue...these new "mind, body, spirit" muscles are only starting to open up and align themselves. Be Grateful! Be love! Namaste.....Sat Nam!

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