Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 7 ~ heARTs

"Soul Love" - Heart Mandala created in Illustrator by Laurie Elizabeth.....February 14, 2011

~ This began as one heart...but real love is infinite....and universal love connects all souls together as one. From my heart to yours....I love you ~

Valentine's Day. A day to dedicate our thoughts to love....

Let's see how I did....I went running in the sunshine with my a drive with my window rolled down, and reggae music pumpin, to a complementary myofascial treatment (bodywork)....more love.....took a quiz for my online class, just passed...whatever...taught a private yoga session with my 13 year old her......ate an amazing meal with my reallly giggly as I cut myself a piece of chocolate cake and half a cupcake.....Love....listened in on my computer to the first broadcast on a free "find your soulmate in 2011" listening, I created a mandala from a heart I drew in illustrator....Love.

Safe to say that I felt so much love around me today...and I was exceptionally bubbly. To me, Love can be defined in so many ways...and it comes in many forms. I may have fallen in and out of love...but I will never stop loving any of the people who have come in and out of my life. I don't want to ramble on like I usually I will just share a poem I wrote during the holidays that will probably become a song someday....on love. =)

Real Love is undying, unconditional, and pure
Real Love nurtures everything, intending to endure
through obstacles and sickness
through challenges to cure
the things that feel impossible
the times that feel unsure
the people who we turn away
or that we wish we were
so bring Real Love to everything
unite the Him and Her.

-Laurie Elizabeth, November 2010

My blessings to you and yours....MUCH LOVE! <3 namaste - sat nam - peace

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  1. Can I use this beautiful mandala as my symbol of Integrative Holistic Medicine, in a congress??