Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Day in the life ~ 15

wow, 15 days in...it is so amazing how the simple act of saying "I'm committed" can change your daily life. Before starting the "21 days of devotion" I Reaaaally wanted to do yoga more and take more time to myself, but I saw no way in doing that...I don't live in a quiet, meditative ashram...no one has their own room...we are a full-time TRIBE.....and there just didn't seem to be enough time in the day. Well, in a true tribe, everyone works together, filling in at just the right moment with a helping hand. Plus, the universe always supports you when you make a commitment.....=)
And so, a day in the life...

I am gently awakened at 5 Am from the (master) bedroom where Jon and Neena sleep in the king bed and I in a twin next to them, to go sleep in the other room with Kai (who sleeps in the bed...no crib just yet). I get comfortable, fall asleep, wake up when he does, give him a bottle, go back to sleep....then we're up around 8. Today my niece was super sick...I mean it was this non-stop cough with the occasional t-h-r-o (throw up) as we say...we are bound to be pretty grumpy in these conditions... I get Kai his breakfast while neena watches her favorite show, the cat in the hat. Then I spend about an hour trying to make her smile by attempting to juggle...they both are cracking up at me and I was so intensely into it, I was getting a work out running all around the room. Kai went down for a nap around 11:30, Jon and I took turns getting clean...Neena and I listened to her favorite mix cd (made by me of course haha)...we danced around, she makes me smile because she loves the beatles "yellow submarine and all you need is love" sooo much.....we marched and even ran back and forth until she started non stop coughing again. Kai woke up, had beans and quinoa, another bottle, then I took him for a walk...then I took Neena for a walk..thank you sun!!! my brother and I continue to switch back and forth attempting to keep Kai un-sick....me obsessively wiping everything down...Jon giving Neena baths....it's a delicate dance. I throw on a Michael Jackson cd....Neena loves...we boogie down, she's laughing..it is precious and wonderful since she is looking so miserably sick. More coughing, then Cristina gets her yoga in while I hang out with Kai on my lap and Neena in her chair watching all our favorite music videos on youtube....Cristina comes in to take over while I get an hour of yoga...I listen to a teleseminar while doing my own flow...then it's time for dinner...butternut squash lentil soup...yummmmm, I speak briefly with my sister about "emotional maturity"....I ask her to help me =)....then I get Kai ready for bed...lay with him until he falls asleep, tuck him in...do the dishes, and thennn blog. whewwwww

Family life is non-stop...there is always something to do...so it is very easy to play victim when it comes to taking the time for yourself. I am incredibly grateful to live with 2 people who know how to make things happen, and are supportive of others and their decisions. My sister has been such a great teacher in showing me how to create boundaries, set personal goals, create a working plan to achieve those goals, and really commit to what I say or believe. I was recently told by an arts therapist in a reading that authenticity is very important to me...that I am inspired by it...it has really made me think about that truth...authenticity IS important to me...extremely important. Well, I know I am not living my authentic self in all aspects...certainly in my home life, but not sure I am quite there yet when I am out presenting myself in the general public or job life.
I am just coming into my truths...but this is a wonderful word to affirm for myself..."I am my authentic self" There is this sense of power behind it that provides the security, the confidence, and the "emotional maturity" I so long for when I feel myself giving that power away.

Love Love love.....Blessings ~ Sat Nam

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