Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three ~ it's a magic number

It was a little over a year ago when a dear friend and I were discussing the energy of the number 3. When it comes to relationships....let's think of 3 friends...the balance is fragile...and it takes a conscious effort on everyone's part. Perhaps there is always someone in the middle of the other two, or one friend is so powerful that they take all the power. The energy can go from looking like a straight balance beam to a triangle and then the triangle can flip all around! I've been in many situations where I am the one in the middle...desperately trying to make peace. I have also experienced being the bottom point of an upside down triangle...for example, your friend is now in a relationship and you're one out!

Anyway, I wasn't sure what to blog about today and that just popped into mind. On to my day of yoga....I spent 45 intensely focused minutes in a "fun" (slash hard) vinyasa flow sequence. I am enjoying the variety of poses that are given through the yoga journal website, and the videos are easy to follow. I am realllly trying to be conscious of what my body is able to do versus what I want it to do....I tend to push a little too hard sometimes. I monitor this by paying attention to whether I can breath in a particular pose or not. It's funny, you think you're relaxed, your breathing, you're holding the pose...and then the teacher reminds you to soften the outside edges of your tongue and you realize you are clenching your jaw..even if just me a few times wonder I have TMJ! I've become more conscious of this slight jaw clench...I'll be sitting down to feed a bottle to my nephew and I have to tell my body to relax...where do I feel this release? Hips...and Jaw....again...the connection makes sense!

Despite the homework, the nannying, and the last minute preparations for some mommy and me music classes tomorrow morning, I'm feeling excitement and extreme satisfaction with day three.

"Oh the magic number...reduce, reuse, recycle, reduce, reuse, recycle".... Jack Johnson anyone?? I admit, I listen to the Laurie Berkner music channel on'd be surprised at all those big name bands that make children's songs too! anywayyyyyyy =) Namaste, Blessings, and gooood night! LOVE

P.S. - Did I mention that I was completely obsessed with "The Three Amigos" as a child? over and over...word for word...obsessed...outfit and everything.

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