Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 4 - Grateful for dark chocolate, my bathroom, and....

"Burst" by Laurie Kammer August 2011

1) I am so grateful for my sister...she always seems to know what I need and when. This morning she came downstairs with my brother, we put on the new leg braces, and they helped me take steps. Then I did mountain pose, crescent pose, and a standing forward bend...I stood and touched my hands to the floor (with lots of help and support from my brother and sister in law)! I released so much emotionally that all I could do was heavily breath through it until I was back up standing and crying my eyes out. So many things went through my head...and my body surged with a wave of energy that wanted so badly to be moved. I wish everyone who is also stuck in wheelchair could have this kind of family. I feel so lucky. Just so grateful.

2) I am grateful for my bathroom! haha....yes I am so grateful that I have a toilet and a shower that are adaptable to me and my commode chair. Living with paralysis has made life so challenging...before my injury I never would have thought about how people in wheelchairs dealt with these just to let you all know, it's not so easy! But, nonetheless I have adapted for now and my life on my commode chair has gotten way easier and I've even gained back about 80% of my privacy. =) This makes me feel independent.

3) (wow these are long today huh?) Ok so I am grateful for my brother. Today I received a long body work session with him. He is a very gifted healer! Only 4 more months until he is an official massage therapist. He did myofascial, craniosacral, feathering, crystaling, and massage...all to a beautiful soundtrack. The ultimate home service. This makes me feel so lucky...and again...I am motivated to help others living with disabilities have access to these gifts that live in my house!

4) I am grateful for rituals. Rituals create a sense of feeling safe. Doing something consistently with children helps create special bonds. Both my niece and nephew have their little rituals that they save just for "nutcracker!" with Kai....opening walnuts together and feeding each other...talking about how they come from trees and go back through the compost. Or singing "I can go slow" from Cat in the Hat with Neena. Rituals make me feel Grounded.

5) I am grateful for dark chocolate! Though I have cut back significantly on sugar...I still have a couple squares of dark choc as a dessert. Oh man it's just so good. This makes me feel sensuous. Chocolate is romantic even if you are eating it's one of those pleasures you can give yourself. My sister and I have made it one of our special rituals too though =) haha

love love love~ Happy Saturday night everyone. Gooooodnight. Blessings and Namaste.

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