Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 13 ~ Breathe it in

"Flower Hoop" by Laurie Kammer summer 2009

1) I am grateful for my physical therapy session today. I got into the walker for the first time with the new leg braces. I hop both feet together and then right and left steps... Def not your average step, with knees and ankles locked, but a step nonetheless. I had a different therapist...she pushed me harder and got me to move quicker than I thought I could...helped me stop looking down at my feet and stop hesitating before moving the walker out in front of me. Today's session makes me feel stronger, more confident, and super excited to get my walker ordered so I can start hoppin around this house.

2) I am grateful for my conscious mind. This morning I listened to most of a free talk with Bruce Lipton, author of "Spontaneous Evolution" and learned that science has discovered some interesting stuff about our conscious and sub-conscious minds. We know now that our conscious mind is responsible for our's not time can travel anywhere to make plans, remember makes is our true self because it is our aware and "present" mind. Our subconscious mind is our's the tape recorder that plays over and over in response to certain tasks. It's how we walk without really having to think about, chew....they are programs and they are our habitual self. I learned that most people only operate in their conscious mind 95% to our subconscious mind. Woah...becoming more conscious in our everyday affairs will help us to be our true selves...rather than reacting all the time based on old programs..most of which we learned before the age of 6 when we had no choice but to download all the information given to us from parents, environments, cultures, etc. I love this information..."Knowledge is power.....but instead turning it to- SELF knowledge is Self Empowerment." The choices we make after age 6 become our conscious programming or UN-programming. Becoming a conscious creator of the life you want. Love this stuff....practicing consciousness in my life makes me feel expansive and infinite.

3) I am grateful for the ability to let go. Today I decided to go through a bunch of boxes of old clothes I had gone through after coming home from rehabilitation. My dad had labeled these boxes..."Laurie's clothes...not for now..." Meaning...hoping I could wear them if I walk again. I went through and decided to give away almost everything and then some....because yes- I want to walk again...but I don't want to walk the way I used to...I am letting go of that life. This injury forced me to come face to face with the me I was living and the me I want to create. They are very different women...and I know that letting go is the only way to make room for newness. I still don't know what clothes to buy and feel very challenged being in a wheel chair and trying to feel pretty, sexy, fashionable, expressive, you know~ tryin to look like me! But how can I do that if I'm not quite sure what that looks like? I trust that by letting go, the answers will come. So today was yet another step in the right direction. Letting go makes me feel nervous but also a sense of openness for what is yet to come.

4) I am grateful for real food! Yes MORE about food. This morning I saw an advertisement for the new loco dorito taco bell crap and was like ewwwwww I totally would have loved that when I was younger and now I can't even look at it. It's NOT food. I think its funny that I saw that this morning and then enjoyed some wholesome vegetarian tacos with my family tonight. We havent had veggie tacos in forever....the table was beautiful. Bowls of scallions, cilantro, raw cheeses, carrots, fresh guacamole, refried beans, and a veggie sautee of yellow and green squash, onions, mushrooms, and some chicken too from last night. I didnt have the corn tortilla but wrapped it all up in a big piece of romaine lettuce. No picture though it certainly deserved one. I continue to be grateful for the choices my family makes in how we feed our bodies and the children. I feel so lucky.

5) Keeping this one simple...I am grateful for sunny days. Today was gorgeous...I love closing my eyes and breathing in the sun on a very spring like day. This makes me feel refreshed, renewed, reenergized, just lovely. ahhhhh

namaste everyone. Cheers to conscious creativity and breathing in the free, abundant source of energy from our sun

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