Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 7 ~ Senses and the harmony of Being

"Fresh Beats" By Laurie Kammer 2009

1) I am grateful for my senses. Part of embracing my sensual self is realizing that I am a sensual being. Our body is blessed with many ways to communicate and receive information aside from our spoken languages. Being able to smell the coffee roasting in the morning reminds me it is a new day, it's time to wake up and start fresh....feeling the hot water in the shower and the way my hair feels after I put my peppermint conditioner...smelling the peppermint, feeling the smoothness....senses are a practice in awareness. Senses help us to perceive our world and can be used as a way to become more present. Even developing our other senses like intuition....reading the "vibes"...trusting our gut. Now that I have lost "normal" sensation in my lower half I am so fully aware that subtle energy surrounds our bodies. I can feeeeel energy in my space...a hand that waves a foot above my leg will create waves INSIDE my leg....exactly reflecting the hands movements. It feels like an energy massage...it's crazy and it feels super weird. Being sensual helps me feel more conscious and connected to my inner and outer worlds

2) I am grateful for my mat table. Today I was able to use my mat table (purchased with the help from the fundraising in my hometown of Ledyard, CT) for my personal training session and my essential oils therapy called Raindrop. This table has become a place where I can escape from the confines of being in my chair all day, I can play with my niece and nephew there, I can lift weights, get a massage, or just chill out. It's been a great gift and I can not imagine life without it. This makes me feel content and free.

3) I am grateful for the self work I am doing right now with a book called "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron. A dear friend of mine gave me this gift for Christmas and we began the 12 week process together. I have learned so much already and I highly reccommend this work to anyone who is searching for a deeper understanding of their higher creativity. This work makes me feel like I am not alone, I feel divinely guided, I feel wise, I feel more and more clarity in how I have developed, I feel motivated and challenged....I feel curious to learn more about myself.

4) I am grateful for my voice. Today I realized how important it is to be able to speak...and for me...to be able to sing. I love singing for my niece and nephew....and I feel like it is a main way for me to communicate with my niece especially. I am also reading a wonderful book about the music of the 21st century which give scientific research on how sound, especially from voice, can make cancer cells explode and regenerate new cells in our body. I am increasingly interested in the power of the human voice, of sound, and of frequency. My voice makes me feel beautiful, harmonious, and whole.

5) I am grateful for modern medicine. I may be a very "holistic" lady when it comes to my therapy right now...but I want to say that I can recognize the importance of modern medicine. It hasn't been around that long....and we already take it for granted. It wasn't so long ago that people didn't have access to the types of surgeries, antibiotics, etc. We can live longer now...and I just happen to believe if we bring back the more traditional (ancient) medicines like acupuncture and homeopathic remedies...we might be able to balance the two. I feel humbled by my experience because I used to judge hospitals....after spending most of the last year with many doctors, nurses, aids, surgery, therapies....I see how much we benefit from having this miracle. I feel incredibly lucky...and I've seen the other side....I now know that yes there are things that still need to come into balance, but there is indeed a place in the holistic world for modern medicines.

Namasteeeeee ~ love and peace blessings

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