Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 5 ~ Music, Movies, and Mocha

"Bongo Beat" by Laurie Kammer November 2011

1) I am grateful for Sunday's spent over in Morristown. Since my injury I have been slowly progressing towards being "back out there." Starting about 2 months ago with short independent rolls around my neighboorhood, I am now pushin around town and enjoying being a part of the community. This makes me feel alive and renewed. My dad and I drop off my niece at her yoga class and head to starbucks...where I treated myself to a cafe mocha with soy milk...its so good. Yea...being out with community makes me feel's thrilling and exciting and scary too.

2) I am grateful for movie dates. Thanks to having extra help on the weekends, my family is able to take time to chill and do things we want to do. Today my sister and I watched "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and oh man it was hilarious...a really cute movie. Laughter and taking breaks to hang make me feel lighter and less stressed.

3) I am grateful for piggy backs! We've recently figured out that piggy backing me around the house is a pretty convenient mode of transportation...and a work out too! Go figure only my sister does it ~ we're the tough girls here. Anyways, I love riding around and seeing the house from eye level...and feeling that rhythm of stepping...left right left's pretty cool feeling. It's always got a little emotional element...I get misty eyed and sentimental thinking about how I miss moving my legs and feet to rhythms.

4) I am grateful for my ukulele, for music, for my dad playin guitar......this morning we jammed out a little bit. It's always fun to get spontaneous. Music makes me feel complete...helps me match my mood to the moment...and helps me heal. Music IS Feeling to me....and actually the same part of the brain that is activated by music is also where our emotions are. This was our favorite song of the day.... "Inch by Inch"

5) I am AGAIN grateful for our family dinners. Tonight we ate a vegetable bake with 3 types of super heady cheeses (all local farm, artisan cheese)...and a quinoa pasta and cheese bake...totally "High Vibe" as we like to say in this house, LOL. My dad and sister are genius in the kitchen. Just so freaking good....oh yea and add on a lil treat from a local chocolatier who made a chile and pumpkin dark choc bar. I feel so healthy, vibrant....gosh I just keep wanting to say I feel grateful....haha.

I'm off to Kessler tomorrow morning...bright and early...going to be a PACKED week...4 days in a row m-th for the next few weeks of working out..."hopwalking"....wheelies...eekz! Good thing I have chocolate and massages around here. =) Good night everyone, wish me luck! LoVe

Namasteeeeee shanti shanti shanti ohmmmmmm

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