Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 20 ~ Tis the gift to be true

1) I am grateful for the artist child in me. When I treat myself with love for the gifts I was born to give, I feel like a channel of creativity. Taking my artist child to the arts and crafts store was a super fun time and something I rarely allow. My creativity is worth the treats and the fun! Haha see she is a child!

2) I am grateful for those things I miss... Someone today who is also paralyzed asked me what I miss most .... I said hiking and dancing. I miss them so much that I feel even more grateful to have had the many many amazing experiences in my life. Without those good times I wouldnt miss them as I do now.

3) I am grateful for exercise. I read an amazing passage from "the Artists Way" speaking about how exercise is a way of seeing your's realizing that you are stronger than you thought you's getting out of your mind and into your body. I was never an "exerciser" unless it had to do with the arts. I have had to become someone entirely new through this process and I am so so surprised at the mountains I am climbing. I know that in this process I can only grow.

4) I am grateful for the turn of the season. I was nervous about winter and being in a wheelchair. I am glad it was mild! yet there is still a noticeable change in the air with spring arriving. I feel more expansive and things have taken a softer tone, a slower sweetness is brewing. At least for me, I am feeling a burden lift as the earth wakes up and starts to sing again.

5) I am grateful for gifts. I love giving gifts. This could be a whole blog about my journey of over giving and also of allowing gifts to come to me. Anyways, today I told a friend in therapy who I barely know that I loved her hair clip. She had been on her way out when she turned her chair around, rolled up to my walker, pulled the clip out of her hair and handed it to me. I was like really?? Why? And she said, "because you love it" and left. I realized that when I give I rarely let it be so I said last night I am an obsessive planner and visionary. So gifts have to be well thought out in detail. This was a beautiful lesson. Grateful grateful grateful.

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