Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 11 ~ eat more Kale

mmm.... day 11. Today was such a yummy day ~ so I'm writing mostly about food. =) If you know me fairly well, you've probably heard me talk about how I don't each much sugar, avoid dairy, wheat, and red've probably seen me eating sheets of Nori seaweed...popping spirulina tablets....and chompin down on kale salads with eziekiel bread. So yea...because I am tired and it's been such a yummy day, I dedicate it to the foods I love.

1) I am grateful for Kale. Kale is like the number one super green as far as getting all of your vitamins and minerals covered. If you have tried it and disliked it, try it again! There are sooo many ways to get your "Kale On." We sautee it with can steam it and throw some eggs on top for a morning eggs and can eat it raw mixed with other lettuces and chopped up real small like...or throw it in a fruit smoothie to pack in the greens....oh and of course there are those really tasty Kale chips they sell at Whole Foods or you can make them yourself. People, I'm telling you ~ google it and get your KALE ON! It makes me feel sooooo highhhh viiiibeee.....hahaha

2) I am grateful for sprouted whole eziekiel bread. Am I spelling that right? hm. ANyways, I have learned over the last few years since really honing in on my food choices, that I have certain sensitivities that have caused inflammation, skin and hormone problems, digestion issues, all that fun stuff...and one of those is to wheat. I've also learned that many people also have this problem but are unaware of it. Actually, most grains are not easily digested because of their skins...this is why soaking brown rice before cooking it, eating sprouted grains, or soaking your almonds is recommended because it creates an enzyme that helps your body fully digest the food. I love sprouted whole grains...they can be used as an alternative to white and wheat bread, pasta, pancakes, pizza, family is allll about it...and I tell you, to me? They are wayyyy tastier. My body can tell the difference and I've watched myself shift away from some of the crazy carb cravings I used to have. Ok...yea I admit I'm still a good eater. I love food though! Mm Yea...sprouted grains also so good. Here is a pic of my sister's pasta dish which she just made up on the's 2 different grains for is eziekiel and the other is an ancient grain called Farro....both are high in protein. She made an awesome sauce using white beans, broth, basil, mushrooms, garlic, and other spices and yumminess....tellin you..."to cool for the room" as my dad likes to say.

3) I am grateful for ginger tea! Not just because the band I play in is named after this delicious beverage...but because of the incredible health benefits and overall satisfaction of starting my day with a hot, soothing cup o gingah. I love how the body can sometimes tell us exactly what it needs...I began craving this and soon learned about how ginger root is awesome at helping inflammation. That of course works for me as my entire back is still hot with inflammation and scar tissue while I continue to heal and mend from the surgery! Forget about the back break...they had to cut my muscles! eekkk sorry for any heebie jeebies people. Ginger tea starts my's soothing to my soul and always makes me smile when I think of playing music with my girls...check out our last show at kessler this past summer with special guest and stand in ginger, Alexi ~

4) I am grateful for my sisters super creative genius in the kitchen. Every mama probably understands that the real special ingredient in food is love. Cristina not only makes super fun and innovative food creations that taste amazing....they also feel amazing. Like I actually can't control the mmmm's and Oh my god's.....I often take pictures because they also looook so good. I've had my fun in the kitchen...but really...she's a Kitchen Goddess Queen...I'm lucky to be practically married to her lol. Here's my mama sista made breakfast today...eziekiel french toast with almond butter and chopped walnut/pecan/almond mix and fresh organic strawberries and a couple sexy razzzzs. I wish she would just start a freakin cafe with my would be amazing. mmmmmm I'm still having my moments

5) I am grateful for teamwork. Even though this week has been rough with everyone coming down with strep, colds, pink eye even....we manage through because we are a tribe. I have been able to help out soo much more than I thought I would be able to despite being in a wheelchair. Of course I was told over the summer I would be able to play with and feed my niece and nephew...but it was hard to adapt to this new way of being. Having people you love on your side and always there for you is sooo crucial. Creating trust, providing support, listening to one another, taking responsibility for our's a powerful thing being a part of a team ~ or as I like to say....tribe. I'm learning more and more how true independence doesn't mean going at it's about finding the people who reflect back to you the virtues and beliefs that you want to live by, it's about connecting with your tribe and walking the path together through commitment. Commitment to being uniquely creative and to co-creating a better together life as a team. Go team =) Here's my little angels....Kai laid his hands on my belly today, and when I bumped up the stairs I was greeted by lots of hugs and kisses from both of them as I sat on the floor. I am blessed to live with these healers.

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