Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 10 ~ for Feng Shui and Faith

Wow, I'm noticing throughout the day many things to be grateful for. The practice of writing this blog has definitely helped me bring more awareness to my life.

1) I am grateful for hot showers! This morning I took a shower and the hot water started to run out when I was only about half way through. This immediately made me think about how grateful I am to be able to change the temperature of the water to my comfort level. How much I take that for granted! I know that most people can relate to this experience...when your shower goes cold! eek. Hot showers make me feel water is a luxury and a miracle.

2) I am grateful for Feng Shui. One of my therapists lent me a really great book, "Move your Stuff, Change your Life" by Karen Rauch Carter and it was an easy and fun way to begin changing my space. I am having fun putting intention into my environment...going slow and steady. The old me would have attempted the entire room in one day...and I probably would have done a pretty good job making it look nice...but I am learning now that the process and intention behind the overall goal is so important. And can I just say that decorating a room and moving things around is a much slower process when both hands need to be wheeling. It becomes a practice of lap balancing ~ and a core workout with constantly bending, reaching, etc. Taking it slow and one step at a time is necessary. =) Below is my health and family section where I have my meals...on the wall I have a collage of pictures. Comin along! Feng Shui-ing makes me feel co-creative!

3) I am grateful for my Native American Flute. Today I took a few moments to pull out a couple instruments and play some music. After coming home from the hospital I started listening to flute music and was so taken by the sounds that I purchased a pretty cheap but really well made flute in the key of Am. I used to play flute in elementary and middle school...and had started collecting flutes from around the picking it up was not a huge challenge for me. It's extremely therapeutic and easy to learn even if you've never played an instrument. The sound is enchanting. The flute music and playing the flute myself make me feel peaceful and "in the flow."

4) I am grateful for role models...This month is dedicated to women. I have sooo many women whom I look up to, I could write a whole gratitude blog about them. I have grown and learned so much from people like Laura Hollick, Iyanla Vanzant, Oprah, Gillian Welch, Laurie Berkner, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue...and many many more famous and local heroes in my eyes. More importantly what all of these women have taught me is that what matters most is the full expression of your authentic self. I have been saying this for over a year now....and I get it... yet- it is still the lesson of my life! To fully express who I am - confidently - fearlessly - to the world. This blog is one way for me to do thank you to those who have listened and learned with me! Role models show me the beauty of authenticity and truth. They make me feel inspired and motivated to allow my true self to really begin blossoming and showing up for those who need to hear, see, and experience "Me."

5) I am grateful for faith. Being faithful, holding faith, trusting faith...I am grateful to have found my own way to this word. I was not raised in one religion and therefore had the belief that "faith" was not really something I could say. I am however, a faithful being. I enjoy learning about the religions and beliefs around the world, and developing a spiritual path of my own based on my life's experience. Without faith, hope, and optimism, this journey would be very different. Even without religion or spiritual connotations..."faith" is universal. I am faithful to loved books and food choices (well most of the time!). Faith feels like a divine's trusting in the unknown that everything is happening and unfolding exactly as it is meant to.

Love to you all and extra extra love to my family tonight...5 out of the 6 of us are on antibiotics...been a rough winter with strep here. Love and gratitude for them in my life and for their vibrant health returning as quickly as possible. Praying I am spared the sickness.

Namaste my loves ~ <3 Sat Nammmmm Shanti Shanti Ohmmm

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