Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 9 ~ Keep on Keepin On

"Greeeeen creation process ~ progressing ~ learning ~ sharing" March 8th, 2012

1) I am grateful for the color green. mmmmm yes I just love the color green. I had my art therapy session today and I painted over my multi-layered piece with just one beautiful grassy green color. It makes me feel renewed, I have a sense of relief, release, healing, calm, it feels like a foundation upon which I can begin to create anything I my heart desires. I'm lovin on this greeeeeen.

2) I am grateful for the ability to progress. Today I had the most intense workout with my personal trainer. A 30 minute push around the neighborhood followed by strength training with resistance bands, free weights, push ups, sit ups.....but what made it different was that I was actually hot ~ I was able to feel how much stronger my core has become...I could feel my hip flexors flexing! Even if they are micro movements....I can see and feel a difference. Now, I've never been a workout girl...and def never ever thought I'd be able to do the kind of weight training I am doing now. He even has me boxing~ left carve, right jab...left right left right. It's amazing. The progress I have made makes me feel like I can do and be anything if I really keep at it....its motivation to keep on keepin on...keep truckin....go go go. I can use this time to really access the energy that has been sitting stagnant since June 9th. The ability to progress is the guarantee that life is always moving now I am making healthy choices and always striving towards being my best self.

3) I am grateful for water. Water is so incredibly important. It makes up most of our earth and our body. It is the element of emotion. It can cleanse you, hydrate you, cook your food, be mixed with colors to create paint, baptize rains upon your fields and brings us flowers, trees, vegetables, and fruits. It can change from cloud to river to ice to waterfall. Water is our life source. When the sun hits the water just makes a beautiful rainbow of color. Check out some realllly cool sites about how water is affected by intention and can be used for healing....Masaru Emoto's beautiful water crystal photos, and Source Energy Medicine water healing. Water makes me feel alive, cleansed, and as though I am one with the source of creation.

This water crystal was shown the word "GRATITUDE" ~ taken by Masaru Emoto

4) I am grateful for my bed. Tonight I talked with my sister about getting out of my hospital bed. Yes....I would love to. Right now...I still use the railings and the tilt to move myself from one side to the other. Every morning I wake up and have a little moment of "ohh I have to move..." It's such a struggle because my legs are so stiff. But aside from bed right now is supporting my needs and it really is comfortable for me now. I surround myself with pillows and props to protect my skin from pressure sores. When I get all settled in...I really feel so comfy cozy that sometimes I can forget that I have pain and paralysis. Anyway, my bed is serving it's purpose and I'm grateful for makes me feel comforted, warm, and it's like my little sanctuary...surrounded with crystals and all =)

5) I am grateful for my crystals. I am such a geek when it comes to my rocks. I started collecting back in 2nd grade when we went on a field trip to the Peabody Museum. I remember buying hematite, tiger's eye and a peacock ore. Haha I also remember collecting the white quartz rocks from my driveway...saving the pieces of mica and bringing them in for show and tell. I'd put the mica in a jewelery box with wet leaves because I thought it looked prettier when it was wet. Of course...they had dried up by the time I got to school. Now I collect them because not only am I fascinated by Natures beautiful creations...but I believe they are like Earth's angels. They have meaning and healing properties. This is sometimes looked at as "New Age"....but really these ideas go back way way way back to ancient the Bible and before. For example...check out these: Lapis Lazuli and Ruby (my birth stone). My crystals make me feel appreciation for the earth's creations, they are mysterious creatures and I feel there is still much to learn from them as tools and friends. =) told you I was a geek....but hey like the Great Pyramids were made out of 3 types of stone...each served a specific purpose! They made whole structures out of quartz crystal! ok...haha done with that one.

P.S. ~ It's international women's is a great and free teleseminar for Women's Health!

Hope everyone enjoyed the day ~ Blessings ~ Namaste ~ Love

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