Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 2 - "for feeling loved..."

"Intuitive Love" by Laurie Kammer ~ Dec 2011

1) I am grateful for my new leg braces which arrived this morning; they make me feel excited, nervous, and passionate about using my legs to support myself... and about standing and striving to re-claim my body.

2) I am grateful for the ability to share my music with others...this morning the dude who brought my braces told me he loved my song "Recycle" and couldn't get it out of his head...then my personal trainer proceeded to compliment my songs and suggest singing for schools and getting myself out there.....being an artist can be so scary sometimes...and sharing can be so dreadfully nerve wracking. I am grateful for my ability to share, my confidence to share....this makes me feel authentic.

3) I am grateful for my art therapist. Today I added probably the 10th layer or so to my painting and the process has shown me how life can change and continue to evolve...nothing has to stay stagnant...creation is a process that is infinite and so full of joy. This makes me feel at peace with life's movements...joyful with creation. I feel relieved in knowing that nothing is ever really finished...we simply transform and evolve...and recycle.

4) I am grateful for the workers at Whole Foods here in Jerz who recognize that I have a special family...the man who took the time to stop me and say how he misses seeing us all there, that he is happy to see me hanging with Kai and still rockin it....this makes me feel included in my community, cared for, missed, and appreciated.

5) I am grateful for the Postal Service....because whenever I get mail it is usually a beautiful postcard or greeting card from loved ones....this makes me feel loved and remembered. I am so grateful!

And...lastly I want to say how grateful I am for those of you who are with me through the network...the internet has given me more support than ever imaginable in our times....we are so interconnected and I am so grateful to be able to share and spread the love with you.


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